Some Kitchen Cabinet Knowledge

- May 11, 2018 -

Some Kitchen Cabinet knowledge

1.The basic structure of the kitchen cabinet

According to the types of kitchen cabinets are divided into kitchen cabinets, high kitchen cabinets and semi-high kitchen cabinets; according to the functional sub-sink kitchen cabinets, stove kitchen cabinets, electrical kitchen cabinets, pull baskets, drawers, gas kitchen cabinets and so on. Of course, the specifics of different families will be different. For example, some home kitchen cabinets do not have kitchen cabinets.

The common combination of kitchen cabinets on the market today is based on the combination of three-in-one and wood-blocks. The structure is also divided into two processes of the floor package side plate and the side plate package floor plate, the difference being that the bottom plate package side plate has high stability, and the side plate package plate floor space is larger.

2. Material of kitchen cabinet

kitchen cabinet base material

The most common materials are particleboard, solid wood board and density board. Of course, there are stainless steel and stone materials. Compared with practicality, it is inferior to the first three.

Particle board

Advantages: smooth surface, good moisture resistance, good lateral load, resistance to pollution

Disadvantages: variability, uneven quality, poor moisture resistance

Solid wood board

Advantages: high hardness, no deformation, good water resistance

Disadvantages: high cost cabinet door

Can be said to be the kitchen's facade, a set of kitchen cabinets with good or bad color, a kitchen is not high-powered, it all depends on the kitchen cabinet door material and texture, color choice. The main materials of the door panel are double veneer, UV paint board, acrylic board, paint board, PVC board, metal board, solid wood door board and so on.

① double decorative panel

Advantages: environmental protection, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, diverse color lines, cost-effective

Disadvantages: monotonous modeling

② acrylic plate

Advantages: rich colors, easy to clean, good permeability

Disadvantages: The surface is easy to fall off, easy to oxidize, poor corrosion resistance

③ UV paint board

Advantages: heat, wear, acid and alkali, rich colors

Disadvantages: poor aesthetics

④ paint board

Advantages: bright colors, diverse options, easy care

Disadvantages: high prices, poor tolerance, high maintenance costs

⑤ metal plate

Advantages: good heat resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life

Disadvantages: Vulnerability, non-resistance, impatience

⑥ PVC board

Advantages: rich shape, no sealing, low price

Disadvantages: low yield, high temperature resistance, uneven quality

⑦ solid wood door

Advantages: gorgeous appearance, rich style, non-corrosive, environmentally friendly, durable

Disadvantages: high prices, difficult to clean, high maintenance costs

As a face problem, it cannot be ignored.

4.What materials are available for countertops?

①like a fresh art kitchen style, you can choose wood. Wood is divided into solid wood panels and fire board. The solid wood panel has a high face value, but the price is high; the fire board has a low price, but the facial value is also low.


② tough stone countertops. Stone is divided into natural stone and artificial stone. The most common countertop material for natural stone is marble. The appearance of noble atmosphere is favored by many people.


③ look good with what are all good ultra-thin rock board. Super strong, not easy to scratch, easy to clean, antibacterial index burst table. The most important thing is that you can cut vegetables directly on top of it, and even the chopping boards are not needed. Although it looks good, but the ultra-thin rock board production process is complicated and the price is too expensive.

④ the most common stainless steel table. Suitable for industrial styles or metal-loving families. Stainless steel countertops are said to be the easiest countertops to clean. For example, hotel back kitchens are basically stainless steel countertops. It is not only fire-resistant, heat-resistant, easy to clean, but also antibacterial.


4. sink

The sink seems to be just a food preparation, tableware cleaning department, sewage outlet, but the sink is also a heart of the kitchen cabinet, a good sink can reduce the smell of the kitchen, easy to clean.

①the sink material is stainless steel, ceramics and so on. The most important thing to note when selecting a sink is the sealing degree and corrosion resistance of the water pipe, which is the main factor that determines whether water leakage occurs in the future;

② The depth of the sink needs to cooperate with the kitchen cabinet space. The groove depth is also an important factor in the price of the kitchen cabinet. Usually, the deeper the slot, the higher the cost.

Single slot

Advantages: Large area, suitable for large tableware cleaning, high practicality.

Disadvantages: All the dishes are mixed together and it is relatively easy to produce bacteria.


Double slot

Advantages: Separate the cutlery separately, clean the bathroom.

Disadvantages: It is not suitable for the cleaning of large utensils and the price is higher.


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