Some Details Of Installing Kitchen Cabinets

- Sep 20, 2018 -

Some Details of Installing Kitchen Cabinets

There are some small details to be aware of when installing kitchen cabinets.

1, book in advance

The water circuit retrofit is the first step in the renovation of the house, and the water circuit in the kitchen is much more special, so we have to determine the location of the kitchen cabinet installation from the beginning and set the size according to the location to reserve the kitchen cabinet. This is considered to be easier to ignore in the kitchen cabinet installation details. Some people think that the kitchen cabinet does not need to be booked in advance, but it is not. Because after you book, there will be manufacturers to understand the actual situation of your kitchen, and then design. If you don't book, it is easy to delay the construction period.

2, the supervisor must of course be on the scene

Whether you are a big package to the decoration company, you are still customizing the business you are looking for. When installing, please come to the site in person, the first is to supervise the work, the owner is on the scene, the workers do not dare to make too many times. Second, some details must be confirmed on site, so as not to be changed later. Third, if you find the problem, you can communicate in time and solve it in time. When you pay for the money and find the problem, it is very difficult to modify it.

3. Prepare a large site for stacking kitchen cabinet panels

The kitchen area is not large. When the kitchen cabinets are assembled, they will be carried out in the living room. The floor is preferably covered with a protective layer such as a paper shell. If you choose stainless steel countertops, there will be a lot of Mars when cutting, and the dust will be much more.

4, the countertops should be well selected

When you are building kitchen cabinets, you need to choose the countertops. We will find that most people will prefer marble countertops, but the materials for countertops are not only marble, but also artificial stone and quartz. The two materials have relatively good advantages. The biggest advantage is that we can clean them easily when they are used, and the surface will not breed a lot of bacteria. The most important thing is that the life is longer, so let us When choosing kitchen cabinet materials, you can first consider artificial stone and quartz stone.

5, wall kitchen cabinet measurement

The kitchen cabinet of the wall kitchen cabinet can be either a wall or a sandwich, so as to ensure the effective use of space without deformation, but the top and bottom should be horizontal and perpendicular to each other. If there is any error, the hole is required to be left and right. The side height difference is less than 5mm, and the bottom wheel of the closet door can compensate for the error through the debugging system.

6, the installation of the closet door

Firstly, the top rail of the closet door is fixed, the front front surface of the rail is in the same plane as the kitchen cabinet surface, and the upper and lower rails are placed in a reserved position; then two doors are placed in the rail, and the verticality of the door body is measured with a horizontal ruler or a straight ruler. Adjust the position of the upper and lower rails and fix them; check again whether the door body is parallel with the two sides. You can adjust the door body by adjusting the bottom wheel to reach the level of the frame and both sides. Finally, fix the anti-jump device and present the quality protection book.

7, the height of the kitchen cabinet installation height on-site confirmation

The proportions on the drawings are appropriate and it may not be appropriate to go to the site. At this time, we must pay attention to the height of the kitchen cabinet, is it top? To the top can reduce the dead corner of the bathroom and look beautiful. Not to the top, it is convenient to take the things in the kitchen cabinet, and the appearance is worse.

8, the sealing of hardware should be done well

The installation of hardware accessories in kitchen cabinet installation is very important. Like faucets, pull baskets, etc., we must also protect them during installation to avoid damage. The hose under the sink must be kept open, avoiding the accumulation of water and pouring water. The interfaces must also be sealed or not. Otherwise, it will be regrettable when the water is flooded.

9, kitchen outlet

Arrange or reserve a place for the kitchen's various appliances and arrange the power outlets in the appropriate locations. Fire prevention and heat resistance are safety factors that must be considered in the selection of kitchen decoration. Never place the power outlet on a wooden kitchen cabinet that has not been fire-proofed to avoid short-circuit fires.

If there is a pool in front of the window sill, consider the height of the faucet. Note that if the window is opened to the left, the faucet should be installed on the right to avoid the window fan. Otherwise, the faucet is on the left and the sash should be opened to the right. Make a dead window underneath and avoid the tap.

10, other installation details

Before the kitchen cabinet is installed, the kitchen tiles should be completed in advance, and the floor and wall surface of the kitchen kitchen cabinet should be cleaned.

The position of the kitchen ceiling light must pay attention to avoid the kitchen cabinet door of the hanging kitchen cabinet to prevent the fight. It is necessary to add a pad under the countertop to improve the support strength of the countertop. Install the panel of the kitchen in advance, and mark the position of the wall water circuit to conceal the pipe to avoid hitting the pipeline during installation.

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