Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

- May 05, 2018 -

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Solid wood kitchen cabinets are used in cabinets with a height of 9.2m or more. If they are open kitchens, they will need at least 7.2m. Solid wood kitchen cabinets are more suitable for high-end decoration of middle-aged consumers who prefer pure wood. The kitchen cabinet doors made of solid wood have the effect of returning to nature and returning to the original style. The style is mostly classical. The door frame is made of solid wood, with cherry wood, walnut, and oak. The door core is made of medium-density board with solid wood. It can guarantee the special visual effect of Mingmu, and the combination of the frame and the core board can ensure the door panel strength, and it can not crack or deform for a long time (the daily maintenance still needs to be very careful). In the production, concave and convex shapes are usually made on the surface of solid wood, and paint is applied outside. Therefore, the solid wood door panels maintain the natural color and softness of the model. In particular, some Italian imported high-grade solid wood kitchen cabinets, flower corners and lacquer lustre crafts have reached the world's advanced level. At present, there is still a large gap between the domestic manufacturers of solid wood kitchen cabinet technology and the international level. Domestic solid wood door panels are currently not reachable due to the manufacturing process, and they have problems such as being easily deformed, easily cracked, and rough surfaces. There is even an imitation wood on the market. Density production, plus paint, pay attention when buying. Imported solid wood cabinets are expensive and less changeable in shape. Most of the imported brands are from Europe and the United States.


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