Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

- Apr 18, 2018 -

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

The advantages of solid wood kitchen cabinets:

1. the lines are clear and natural, the temperament is upscale and beautiful, giving a feeling of returning to nature.

2. no additives, so the solid wood kitchen cabinet environmental pollution, sturdiness and durability.

3. With the development of wood processing technology, the whole solid wood kitchen cabinet also abandons the appearance of a single color and simple shape in the traditional impression.

4. The treatment of the door panels, the treatment of lace corners, and the color of the paints all make the solid wood kitchen cabinets more colorful.


Maintenance of solid wood kitcehn cabinets:

1. pay attention to the kitchen cabinets surface cleaning and maintenance:

Every day, use a pure cotton cloth to gently wipe off the surface of dust, at regular intervals, use a wet cotton wringing the water to clean the dust at the corners of the kitchen cabinet, and then dry it with a clean, dry, soft, fine cotton cloth. , You can also apply a thin layer of high quality light wax after drying.

2. to avoid hard objects scratch:

When cleaning, do not allow hard metal or other sharp objects to collide with the kitchen cabinets and protect the surface from scratch marks.

3. avoid using alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents in addition to stains:

If the surface of the kitchen cabinet is stained, do not rub it hard. Use warm tea water to gently remove the stain.

4. to avoid the wet environment:

In summer, if there is a flood in the room, it is advisable to use thin glue to separate the kitchen cabinet from the ground, and to keep the wall of the kitchen cabinet from the wall at a distance of 0.5-1 cm.

5, avoid direct sunlight:

The kitchen cabinets are best placed to hide from the sunlight, transparent tulle curtains to separate direct sunlight.

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