Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

- Apr 11, 2018 -

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinets

The concept of "green consumption" swept the globe. In some European countries and the United States, Japan, a considerable part of the family tend to choose solid wood kitchen cabinets. Solid wood kitchen cabinets, solid and durable, elegant, the green natural material no formaldehyde troubled by an increasing number of consumers of all ages, solid wood kitchen cabinets "worth" is also rising. It is reported that solid wood kitchen cabinets on the market is mainly divided into two kinds of solid wood kitchen cabinets and veneer kitchen cabinets. All timber of pure solid wood kitchen cabinets is solid wood, such as cedar, cherry, red beech, the price is relatively high; veneer kitchen cabinets is mainly made of wood-based panels, only glue in the appearance of real wood veneers, looks and solid wood kitchen cabinets is no different. Solid wood kitchen cabinets on the market to choose from a variety of styles, Chinese solid wood kitchen cabinets, both antique mahogany kitchen cabinets, mix more fashionable elements commonly used solid wood kitchen cabinets solid wood kitchen cabinets, wood Manchurian ash, Northeast elm, willow eucalyptus, camphor, basswood, birch, stained wood, teak, beech, cherry, red sandalwood, cedar, yew, pine, oak, yellow pineapple, Manchurian walnut, superba, rosewood, mahogany, neem, cedar, wild jujube. The surface of the solid wood kitchen cabinets generally can see the texture of real wood, simple and calm, with occasional tree node will face also reflects the fresh and natural materials, both natural, no chemical pollution, solid wood kitchen cabinets is not only fashionable and healthy, is a modern city advocating nature preferred kitchen cabinets. Has the following features; solid wood kitchen cabinets, natural, environmental, health, solid wood kitchen cabinets said natural and pristine beauty. The reason why solid wood kitchen cabinets eternity, from the color, is it natural wood qualities. kitchen cabinets both natural wood color, nor chemical pollution, which is a healthy fashion choices, in line with the psychological needs of the modern city advocating nature.

The following pictures are the solid wood cabinets made by our factory.


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