Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet

- Apr 26, 2018 -

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet

In fact, solid wood kitchen cabinets on the market today there are basically two types: one is pure solid wood kitchen cabinets, kitchen cabinets materials are wood, including desktop, cabinet doors, side panels are made of pure wood, do not use any other form of artificial board; another imitation wood kitchen cabinets, that is, from the natural texture, feel and color of the wood and kitchen cabinets are exactly the same in appearance, but is actually mixed kitchen cabinets made of solid wood and wood-based panels, such as side panels, shelf such as solid wood veneer particleboard or medium density fiberboard, table legs and back. Second, determine the species which is a direct impact on the price and quality factors. Ordinary solid wood kitchen cabinets usually beech, white oak, ash, elm, catalpa wood, rubber wood, oak wood, mainly rosewood, chicken wing wood, rosewood and precious mahogany kitchen cabinets. Solid wood kitchen cabinets market is chaotic, often shoddy, confusing species of things, it is best to buy brand-name products, keeping in mind the price of wood has become increasingly rise, too cheap absolute fraud. From the cheapest pine, oak, to the expensive mahogany, the price difference a few times. So do not consider wood species, after all, like the wood of the pine and the like, in addition to environmental protection, much worse performance than wood-based panels. Third, the observation wooden to open kitchen cabinets doors, drawers, observed that the wood is dry, white, texture is close, delicate. If you joined particleboard, MDF and molding boards and other materials produced by the kitchen cabinets, to open the door or drawer smell a pungent odor. To find defects the main force of the kitchen cabinets parts such as pillars, the connection between the column near the ground load-bearing bar, there should be no large knots or cracks. Solid structure, the framework must not loose, not allowed to cut mortise-off material. Wood-based panels kitchen cabinets parts should be the implementation of Edge, a variety of accessories installed shall not be less, missing nails, nail through. To buy time to carefully review all the details: the wood of several major defects: cracking, scarring, Poles, mildew five test the strength plate surface strength is finger to feel the firmness of the board. Side of the material should be well shaped frame fixed, if the sparse matrix, a surface will feel the void untrue, the large panel fibrillation; Drawer bottom by hand press, in order to test the strength, the general partition at the end of the use of laminates, area bulkheads should be of five-layer board production. , Check the interface good solid wood kitchen cabinets, are such as tongue and groove connection, local load-bearing relatively large screws and protection block reinforcement. If you see solid wood kitchen cabinets, all screws fixed firmly extent of such kitchen cabinets are not high. Judgment kitchen cabinets firm, you can take to shake the kitchen cabinets feel their stability to judge. Test slide drawer should be strong, to tighten the screw on the inside. Might opened the drawer, Active Desktop, doors and other parts to see if it ensure that the ability to use freely, and properly connected. Touch the surface of the hand on the surface of the kitchen cabinets, carefully check the polished surface is smooth, in particular, table legs and other parts of rough brushing paint streak, the angular position of the pigment is coated too thick for cracks or bubbles. Panel cladding with veneer and other materials, and complete sets of color should be similar, the product surface coating does not allow wrinkled skin, hair paint adhesion and leakage. Nine, determine the origin with particular attention to the origin of the wood manufacturers of solid wood kitchen cabinets. Southern production of solid wood kitchen cabinets to the north, because of the climate impact of moisture content, and thus prone to cracking, deformation and other issues. So the time of purchase to see the place of origin. In today's society, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, practical, beautiful and comfortable kitchen cabinets to become the object of purchase, solid wood kitchen cabinets is more and more sought after. Hope better understanding solid wood kitchen cabinets with the scientific method to identify it. That they can buy the right solid wood kitchen cabinets.

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