Solid Wood Custom Kitchen Cabinet Design Size

- Dec 04, 2018 -

Solid Wood Custom Kitchen Cabinet Design Size

The kitchen area does not occupy a large area in the living room, but the measurement of the size of the kitchen cabinet can be said to have become the first procedure for the whole house decoration. Even many decoration companies require that the design drawings of the kitchen cabinet be taken before the start of the hydropower to facilitate the construction.

First, the basic form of kitchen cabinet layout

1, single row type kitchen cabinet 

Also known as the "I" type, the kitchen cabinetry is only placed on the kitchen side and is suitable for narrow kitchens where kitchen cabinetry equipment can only be placed on one side.

Advantages: short and economical pipeline, easy to conceal construction and horizontal pipelines;

Insufficient: When the console is long, it makes people feel uncomfortable, it is difficult to reuse the space, and the effectiveness of space utilization is reduced.

2, double row type kitchen cabinet 

The space is more compact and less efficient than other arrangements, making it suitable for larger kitchens, but this kitchen layout is less used.

3, L type kitchen cabinet 

kitchen cabinet equipment is placed along the adjacent sides of the kitchen. It is suitable for kitchens with a net size between 1500m and 2000m, or more than 2000m.

Advantages: It conforms to the whole cooking operation process, is convenient and applicable, saves space, and has a neat appearance;

Insufficient: The error between the shaped L-shaped kitchen cabinet and the wall is not easy to adjust, and the space at the corner is not easy to use.

4, U type kitchen cabinet 

The kitchen is equipped with kitchen cabinetry on three sides, suitable for kitchens with a high standard of area and a flat surface.

Advantages: sufficient storage space and flexible equipment layout;

Insufficient: Due to the kitchen on three sides, the setting of the balcony is limited.

5, island style kitchen cabinet 

The operation console is located in the middle of the kitchen and is suitable for kitchens with larger villas, detached houses, etc., which are not common in ordinary houses.

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