Smart Wardrobe

- Jun 25, 2018 -

Smart wardrobe

As a wardrobe market that enhances the living experience, you will naturally not miss the wave of the smart era. At present, smart wardrobe products are already mature and various smart home systems are beyond your imagination.

Intelligent storage system

The storage function of the wardrobe has always been a headache for everyone. The smart wardrobe storage system exists to solve these problems.

Tongling cabinet wardrobe customization: When the custom wardrobe meets the intelligent, absolutely beyond your imagination!

Remote-controlled automatic wardrobe

This wardrobe design is to solve the problem of high and bad places to take things, the use of retractable hardware, similar to the retractable door, when you need to take things, remote control down, put things, and then remote control rise, automatically stop at the designated place .

Touch the self-drawable drawer

Touch-type drawer, no need to handle, retain the texture and beauty of the drawer surface itself. With just one push, the drawer automatically pops up and does not need to be pulled like a traditional drawer.

Smart Cosmetics Storage

Lots of miscellaneous goods are not well placed, wardrobes can be reasonably space, and cosmetics are classified. At the same time taking into account the home's little kid to take things, smart storage can automatically retractable. When you want to use it, turn it down and turn it on automatically to make up your makeup and use it to go up and hide it.

Intelligent sensing system

The smart sensor system is mainly used to open the closet door and pull out the drawer, which can be more convenient for people to open. When you hold a pile of clothes with your hands, you can use any part of your body and gently push the door. The door will open automatically.

Intelligent lighting system

The intelligent lighting system is usually built into the clothes rail or under the bulkhead. When you look for clothes when there is insufficient light, it will automatically turn on and illuminate the closet. This kind of intelligent lighting system is particularly suitable for use in the corner area under the closet, where the light is difficult to reach.

Intelligent Security System

In modern society, security protection has always been a concern for everyone. There are anti-theft doors outside the door, home has a safe, and safes, generally placed in the closet, but there is a separate safe, can not completely solve the problem of anti-theft. You also need to add smart alerts. For example, if the safe is shaken and it senses it, it will send a message to the mobile phone to indicate that the safe is dangerous.


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