Six Tips For Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

- Sep 07, 2018 -

Six Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabinets 

First, there should be a basic understanding of the kitchen cabinet

1, visit more large building materials supermarkets and brand stores

Shop around for more than a few large building materials markets, supermarkets and brand stores. In the many exchanges of shopping guides, your professional knowledge will continue to strengthen. The same sample in the store will give you the most direct feeling.

2, multi-channel understanding of kitchen cabinet information

Read related articles and magazines, and there are many relevant information and details of kitchen cabinet brands online. Look through the information on the brand kitchen cabinets. You can experience the latest fashion trends and capture the latest changes in style and color.

3, friend word of mouth

Visit friends and family, and get in touch with the actual feelings and reputation of other kitchen cabinets.

Second, prepare in advance before buying kitchen cabinets

1. Personally measure the basic size of your kitchen

Through the size chart of the kitchen, you can learn about the professional quality of a company's kitchen cabinet company's designers or shopping guides and the basic price of kitchen cabinets. It has a certain guiding effect on selecting the right professional personnel and kitchen cabinets, and preventing blindness from being purchased simply because of the style of the kitchen cabinet. When drawing a plan, it is required to be precise and detailed. The position of the door and window should be marked, and the position of the upper and lower water pipes and the gas pipe, the position of the heating and the socket should be marked.

2. Develop a kitchen cabinet budget

The budget of the kitchen cabinet includes several parts: 1. The cost of the kitchen cabinet; 2. The cost of the countertop. The electrical cost of the kitchen; 3. The cost of the hardware option. Everyone wants their kitchen to be the most beautiful, but it creates support that requires funding. Of course, it is impossible for everyone to be a rich man, which requires everyone to balance the gap between ideals and reality. It is very important to determine the total amount of funds. Don't exaggerate the budget with designers or shopping guides when purchasing. It is no different and wastes time, and it will make the designer pay fearless labor.

3. Prepare information for the designer

In the communication with the designer, you should explain to him as much as possible about the condition of the kitchen and the needs of the family. Everything must be true in the introduction. Such as the condition of the house (location, floor plan, floor plan), the condition of the kitchen (the direction of the pipeline, the orientation, the situation of the natural gas pipeline), the situation of the family members (number of people, age, gender, personality, whether there is special demand, the main cooking staff at home) The height, whether it is left-handed, cooking habits.), the kitchen appliances and eating habits in the home, the style of their own satisfaction (preferably with image assistance and more visualization, please use this as a reference to improve).

Third, determine the kitchen style

Although the styles of the kitchen cabinets are changing every year, each style still has its own unique characteristics. Understanding the style of the kitchen cabinet will make you more diverse in your selection.

1, classical style

The more the society develops, the more it strengthens people's nostalgia, which is why the classical style lasts for a long time. His elegant and noble, unique and friendly, satisfying the hearts of successful people. The traditional classical style requires a large kitchen space, and U-shaped and island-shaped are more suitable forms. In terms of materials, solid wood is of course the first choice. Its color, pattern and its unique simplicity are respected by mature people.

2, country style

Bringing the taste of the wilderness into the room, keeping the home and nature in a lasting conversation, the city's prosperity is quiet in this corner, and the country-style kitchen is close to the distance between man and nature.

Painted tiles with a rural flavor depicting natural landscapes such as fruits, flowers and birds, presenting a serene and comfortable rustic style. The log flooring is also an excellent decorative material, and the warm foot feels like a touch of earth. On the kitchen cabinet, more choices are made of solid wood. Washed green, lemon yellow, is a color that has been popular for many years, and the panel decoration of the wood strip enhances the natural taste. If you are a country-loving person, the rustic kitchen will make your life more casual and natural.

3, modern style

Modern style is the most popular. Every country and every brand will introduce modern styles in a timely manner. Italian kitchen utensils are highly praised for their modern design and high-quality kitchen utensils. Clean, more color-oriented, from bright red, yellow, purple to bright blue, green and other colors are applied. This style is also easier to match with other spaces. It is unconstrained and the requirements for decorative materials are not high, which may be the reason why it is widely popular.

4, avant-garde style

Avant-garde young people pursue unconventionality. They chose the most popular textures of the year in terms of materials. For example, in 2000, glass and metal were accepted in time, and they conveyed fashionable information in a clever mix.

5. Pragmatism

Families who do not often cook will choose a more practical style. In the configuration, only the basic base kitchen cabinet is used as the storage area, and the main equipment such as oven, stove, and range hood is used to complete the relatively complete cooking process. The sink is usually omitted to save space. This style emphasizes practical and concise features.

Fourth, the designer issued a drawing and a complete quotation

After confirming the style, color and style of the kitchen cabinet, the designer should produce a complete set of design drawings (complete drawings include: plan, elevation, rendering), the drawings should be clearly dimensioned and the number of the kitchen cabinet, and marked Installation height. The effect of the renderings intuitively feels the shape and color of the kitchen cabinet. It has a guiding effect on the actual effect, so the standard degree of a company's drawings can be seen from the formality of the company and the ability to control the process. A complete list of quotations should then be issued with the product information and the number of the custom kitchen cabinet on the list. Clear the price of countertops, appliances and accessories. Easy to adjust and account.

5. Sign the formal contract text to clarify the rights, responsibilities and obligations of both parties.

Sixth, the kitchen cabinet company shall issue a complete water and electricity decoration manual to guide the decoration company and engineering personnel to construct according to the plan, so as to install the kitchen cabinet at the time of completion of the decoration.

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