Six Kitchen Design Cases Subvert Your Understanding Of The Kitchen

- Jan 15, 2018 -

Six kitchen design cases subvert your understanding of the kitchen


The ultimate goal of home decoration or to live, so the kitchen is good or bad decoration is very important. Kitchen is a functional place, but its beauty can not be ignored. Here we look at a few kitchen decoration cases, maybe you will like one of them.


Design 1, cement and white oak with a cool and modern style


The kitchen in the picture is a combination of houses made of cement and wood. Light-colored cabinet doors white oak wood. The floor is oak timber laid, not only refreshing, but also very contrasting with other parts. Showing a satisfactory appearance.


 Design 2, NY style white and gray tiles

 Surely there are many people think that the kitchen is to be white to have a sense of cleanliness. This example is based on the white tone, and gray tiles on the table paste, to avoid over-thin white feeling, but also more stylish. In addition, gray tiles have the effect of masking the dirt.


Design 3, Southern European style blue tiles

In the white kitchen with a small part of the bright blue, it transformed into a bright Southern European style. Tiled method is not only cheaper construction costs, if tired of seeing this color, the conversion can only change tiles, is a pleasing kitchen layout.


Design 4, suitable for organic living of the original wood kitchen

The outside of the kitchen and cabinets and other parts are unified use of raw wood production, a simple and calm temperament of the kitchen. For those who care about organic food, the most suitable for this kind of natural materials to create the kitchen. Workbench with easy maintenance of artificial marble.


Design 5, wood × stainless steel into a cafe style

Although the interior of the island kitchen is made of wood, the style of the cafe can be shown as long as the large work area is covered with a large area. The excessive proportion of stainless steel will lead to loss of flavor, the proposed ratio is about wood 4, stainless steel 6.


Design 6, a European village style wall brick

The old, unevenly colored, old bricks stick to the walls and present a European country style. To retrofit kitchens, tile tiles are an easy-to-imitate and highly recommended technique, but simpler wall stickers or wallpapers can be used instead.


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