Simple European Style Kitchen And American Pastoral Style Kitchen

- Apr 24, 2018 -

Simple European Style Kitchen And American Pastoral Style Kitchen

Simple European Style Kitchen

Simple European style is characterized by quietness, simplicity, low extravagance and naturalness, and its minimalist design is favored by many fashion people. The biggest feature of the Jane Europe kitchen is that it uses a white surface material to create a simple yet quality texture. With the tone of white as the keynote, high-gloss tops and large-area walls are matched with cabinets. Simple lines emphasize the openness of kitchen space and bring the simplicity and elegance of European style.

The white wall can enhance the sense of space, and at the same time lay a pure tone for the entire space. It is complemented by black seats and electrical appliances. It not only achieves a simple European-style sense of transparency, but also highlights the combination of black and white classics. The sense of space layered.

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American pastoral style kitchen

The American pastoral style is mainly based on natural and pure color, bold bold texture, brings the breath of nature. Coupled with slightly nostalgic furniture, it can highlight the essence of pastoral style. Among them, green and soil brown are the most common. This retro natural color makes people feel the feeling of home: warm, safe, loving and tolerant. The color from nature meets the soft wooden cabinets, and the wind direction of the kitchen shifts from modern to pastoral.

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