Shaped Kitchen Cabinet

- Apr 23, 2018 -

shaped of kitchen cabinet is more suitable for small-sized and narrow kitchens, and a row of kitchen cabinets is made against the wall. Then the light introduced by windows and doors will not be blocked.

The refrigerator, sink and stove are on the same plane. If the length is sufficient, there will also be room for the console in the middle, and the wall will be provided with some storage, which is practical.

In the choice of color, according to the choice of brightness, brighter, you can consider the darker, more elegant, darker kitchen, you need a light colored kitchen cabinet to light up.

The normal type of kitchen cabinet storage mainly depends on the kitchen cabinet itself and the top kitchen cabinet. If you do not put the refrigerator, you can add more space, but it is still not enough.

So if there is room to use on the edge, buying a cart or a wall shelf can make the kitchen more sculpted and more practical.

The main purpose of choosing ‘一’ shaped of kitchen cabinet as the design of the kitchen is to allow more space for activities so that we will not feel too crowded and more comfortable when we usually cook. Of course, the L-shaped kitchen cabinets are also a good choice.

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