Seven Kitchen Cabinet Selection Suggestions

- Jan 16, 2019 -

Seven Kitchen Cabinet Selection Suggestions

The kitchen cabinet occupies the "half of the country" in the kitchen territory, which directly determines the style and quality of the kitchen. Therefore, a well-designed kitchen cabinet is the key to improving the overall value of the kitchen.

Exquisite detail

Exquisite details are the most touching places. The kitchen cabinets are designed with a classic minimalist design, vintage brass handles, and transparent marble countertops for a visual focus, which enhances the sense of luxury in the kitchen cabinet.

The serene deep blue finishes and metal fittings create a low-key contrast in color and texture, enriching the space texture, which in turn echoes the kitchen wall.

Emphasis on geometric framework

The rugged wood veneer reveals a three-dimensional geometrical module against the black lines, giving the earthy flat surface a vivid expression, achieving a pure and fashionable modern twist.

Low-key texture

Use texture to increase the sense of design of the kitchen cabinet. Compared to the complicated patterns or engravings, the design of the stripes is more approachable, and the style restrictions on the kitchen are much less.

While retaining the minimalist modern design, it also highlights the unevenness of the plane.

Finishing mix

The layered three-color look makes your kitchen a unique presence. Enrich the color of the kitchen with a mix of mixed finishes to make the space look full and rich.

Bold attempt

Refused to keep the rules and make bold attempts on colors and materials. The combination of olive green kitchen cabinets and gold back panels is absolutely eye-catching and gives an elegant British vintage feel.

Mottled steel finishes interpret a personalized look, and the kitchen can be a place to showcase your unique taste.

However, it should be noted that as far as possible, keep the low-key in the style, so that the style will not be over-excited, and it seems to be incompatible with the overall atmosphere.

Pay attention to the storage function

The powerful storage function makes the home appliances invisible.

When customizing the kitchen cabinets, design the corresponding place for the home appliances, refrigerators, ovens, microwave ovens, all the home appliances are stored in the kitchen cabinet, to achieve a well-ordered kitchen space.

Eternal classic

White and wood grain are timeless classics that don't go wrong.

The white kitchen cabinets create a bright visual effect, giving the space of the fireworks a rich atmosphere, and the clean and tidy kitchen can also promote people's desire to cook. Wood grain kitchen cabinets are more versatile and easy to create a warm space atmosphere.

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