Reflect The Color Of Fashion Elements In The Kitchen Cabinets

- Apr 18, 2018 -

Reflect the color of fashion elements in the kitchen cabinets

Reflect the color of fashion elements in the kitchen cabinets color is an independent scientific and artistic knowledge, it comes to color hope for success in physical and chemical science, the visual physiological sciences and the human brain human eye color for color produce emotional Psychological Science, artthree elements of color on the research of color hue (H), lightness, (V), purity (C) Art. In art and design and related professional color as a basis for professional color sketch color composition have been professionally trained and learning, here we focus on the study and research of color in kitchen cabinets design. Inherent color, kitchen cabinets color is mainly reflected in the wood kitchen cabinets surface coating paint color, artificial board veneer decorative color, metal, plastic, glass modern industrial color and leather upholstered kitchen cabinets, fabric color. 1, the inherent color of wood: in today's modern kitchen cabinets, wood is still the main timber. Wood as a natural material, its inherent color to become the best media to reflect the natural material texture. A wide range of wood, its natural color is also very rich, elegant, delicate and deep rough, but overall is to present a warm and pleasant warm colors. Transparent coating to protect the natural color of the wood and natural textures commonly used in kitchen cabinets applications. Natural color of the wood has a natural harmony with the environment and human, gives a kind, gentle, elegant ambience, kitchen cabinets constancy of colors, always loved by the human.

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