Plastic Door Of Kitchen Cabinets

- May 08, 2018 -

Plastic Door Of Kitchen Cabinets

Plastic door of kitchen cabinets also known as molded board, the use of medium density board of kitchen cabinets as the substrate, with engraving and cutting lap pattern after molding, in the coating surface with a PVC film suction air suppression time, because the selected substrate and PVC film is different, so the quality difference bigger. Imported PVC is rich in color and high in grade. Processing such high-end door panels requires large-scale imported equipment. The highest grade is the old process of plastic grinding. The PVC molded board of kitchen cabinets has the advantages of rich colors and unique shapes. The patterns are various and have a three-dimensional sense. In particular, the use of high-gloss PVC plastic door panels, high-grade color as the mirror paint, a strong sense of fashion. The blister panel has a slightly shorter processing cycle than the painted door. Plastic door panels of kitchen cabinets are one of the three main materials for European kitchen cabinet doors. Since the four sides of the door plate can be sealed as a whole after the blister molding, no need for sealing, the overall feeling is very beautiful!

The advantages and disadvantages of plastic door panels of kitchen cabinets are generally differentiated according to the brand of the film. The thickness of domestic plastic PVC is about 0.17mm-0.3mm. The quality is unstable, the substrate is easily deformed, and the wear resistance, scratch resistance, and other properties of PVC are required. Worse. Imported PVC film thickness is generally about 0.35mm-05mm, the film material is excellent, environmental protection performance is good, the appearance of fine, high-grade plastic film stretching rate is good,

The shape of the door panel is deep. The styling lines are beautiful!

Sucking rustic style is generally white style door panel with anti-old brick, if you want to fresh some can be equipped with small green brick

Sucking can do a variety of styles, do not shape, straight-edge small round style is very modern, very good grades. Because it avoids the shortcomings of the triamines must be sealed, giving the feeling of modernity without losing grace.

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