Overall Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance Tips

- Oct 13, 2018 -

Overall Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance Tips

1. Regardless of which kitchen cabinet is used, after each cooking, the surface of the range hood, gas stove, wall tiles and countertops should be cleaned in time, and the used utensils and condiments should be cleaned and placed. Go back to the original place.

2. When cleaning the table top of the kitchen kitchen cabinet, avoid leaving the water on the table for a long time. No matter any material, long-term water consumption will reduce its service life. Remove soot stains and remove them with a damp cloth in time, while aged dirt needs special treatment with detergent.

3, metal material, natural stone is easy to clean and durable, usually clean with a dry soft cloth, but you must pay attention to the soft cloth must be clean, and must be wiped in the direction, so as not to cause scratches. Appropriate use of professional products such as detergents and activators can maintain the appearance of the gloss and texture of the countertop.

4, solid wood or solid wood veneer door maintenance, avoid close to heat, power, water, avoid direct sunlight. Generally, the best cleaning is to wipe with a damp leather cloth. In the case where detergent must be used, choose a mild cleaning product, wipe it with water and dry it. To avoid chapped, you can choose to clean the cleaning wax during maintenance. However, the use of products containing nitrate or synthetic resin should also be avoided, otherwise it will cause damage to the kitchen utensils.

5. Glazed ceramics can be cleaned with a neutral abrasive cleaner. A strong abrasive cleaner can scratch the surface or leave the surface dull. Dry the product with a soft cloth after each use.

6. The surface of the door panel is protected from scratches. It should be protected from moisture. It should not be dripped on the door panel for a long time to prevent soaking the door panel. Wipe can be treated with detergent and soap. It is not suitable to use thinner and alcohol. If there is something glued on the door panel, you can use a maintenance cleaning wax to gently wipe it; if necessary, use a small amount of alcohol (the door with paint can not use alcohol) wipe the door with cotton cloth or towel, can not use steel ball; absolutely It is forbidden to contact the door plate with concentrated acid, alkali and other corrosive agents. If there is contact, it should be cleaned immediately with a neutral detergent or soap solution.

7. The paint door panel and the mirror resin door panel should be wiped with a fine cleaning cloth and a neutral cleaning solution; avoid scratches caused by contact with sharp objects. If there is a slight scratch, it can also be treated with a brightener. Especially the painted door panels, fire source and heat source are also one of the main factors that damage it, so avoid high temperature baking or fire.

8. kitchen cabinet shelf Note that the position of the laminate clamp (or shelf pin) is correct. Try to place the heavy objects in the lower kitchen cabinet. The upper kitchen cabinet is suitable for light items, such as seasoning jars and glasses. Clean the utensils and wipe them dry before putting them in.

9. Pull the basket accessories in the kitchen cabinet, please wipe with a dry cloth to avoid water marks on the surface. The maintenance of the kitchen cabinet is easy to ignore, in fact, the maintenance of the kitchen cabinet is the least likely to be damaged.

10. Keep the sewers unobstructed to prevent blockage. When the inner pipe leaks, it should be disposed of in time. It is best to ask the professional trap personnel to repair them. Pay attention to the service life of the hoses and sealing materials. If problems occur, they should be replaced in time.

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