Overall Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance Knowledge

- Oct 12, 2018 -

Overall Kitchen Cabinet Maintenance Knowledge

1. Do not put kitchenware in the kitchen cabinet

In order to keep the kitchen tidy, many people always put dishes, chopsticks, knives, cutting boards, etc. in the cupboard. The freshly washed dishes are smashed together, and the kitchen cabinets are not ventilated, so the water is difficult to evaporate. After a long time, odor will be generated, which will breed bacteria. Therefore, the kitchen utensils should also be placed in a ventilated and dry place. You can set up a dish rack next to the sink, and dry the washed dishes each time. Just use the water to rinse it again next time.

It should be noted that the cutting board we usually use is easy to absorb water, the surface is often scratched and slit, and often the residue of fresh food is hidden. If the cleaning is not thorough and improperly stored, the food residue will rot and produce a large number of bacteria and even mildew. Therefore, don't put it in the cupboard directly after use, but hang it and dry it outside.

2. Regular cleaning and maintenance of kitchen cabinets

In addition, regular cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen cabinet is also very important. The cleaning and maintenance of the whole kitchen cabinet should start from the countertop, and the cleaning methods of different materials are different. Artificial stone countertops should not be rubbed with hard rags or steel balls, which can easily cause scratches or corrosion. It can be wiped with a soft towel with water. The material of the fireproof board can be wiped with nylon brush cleaner and then wiped with a damp cloth. For the original wood, the dust should be removed with tweezers and then wiped with a dry cloth. Do not scrub with a damp cloth. No matter which kind of kitchen cabinet is afraid of high temperature, you should avoid direct contact with the hot pot during use.

Kitchen cabinet cleaning method

Clear the table top material and clean it:

1. Let me talk about the material first. The material of the countertop is mainly divided into artificial stone, fireproof board, natural stone, stainless steel, etc., and the cleaning methods of different materials are not the same. For example, artificial stone and stainless steel kitchen cabinets cannot be used with hard scouring pads, steel brushes, and chemical preparations. It is recommended to use a soft towel such as a soft towel to wipe with water, otherwise it is easy to cause scratches.

2, no matter which kind of material, high temperature erosion is terrible for them, so avoid the hot pot, hot water bottle, etc. directly in contact with the kitchen cabinet during the use; try to avoid sharp objects to damage the kitchen cabinet countertop during use. , door panel. When cutting vegetables and cooking food, it should be on the cutting board. Do not directly carry it on the countertop. This will not only avoid damage to the countertop, but also make cleaning work easier. Chemical substances have an erosive effect on the countertops of many materials. For example, stainless steel countertops may cause rust when exposed to salt, so soy sauce bottles and salt cans should not be placed directly on the countertops; artificial panel kitchen cabinets should also be careful to avoid long-term storage of countertops. Water stains.

Door panel cleaning is not that difficult:

1. The material of the door panel and the countertop are similar, so the cleaning and maintenance method of the door panel and the countertop are basically the same. It should be noted that paint door panels cannot be cleaned with a soluble cleaner; in addition, all benzene solvents and resin solvents are not suitable for use as panel cleaners.

2, should pay attention to the door plate not to be soaked by the water flowing down the table, otherwise the door is easy to deform for a long time; if the door hinge and handle are loose and abnormal, it should be treated as soon as possible; if it is solid wood door, you can use furniture water wax to clean maintenance.

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