Overall Kitchen Cabinet Decoration Notes

- Jun 08, 2018 -

Overall Kitchen Cabinet Decoration Notes

1, brand

Now people buy things like branded goods, and kitchen cabinets are no exception. Some merchants have made use of this point. When selling kitchen cabinets, some of the inferior brands and imitations bought from small workshops are affixed with the trademarks of well-known big brands and sold at high prices as branded kitchen cabinets. Therefore, when consumers purchase kitchen cabinets, they not only have to look at their trademarks, but also have to check the kitchen cabinet's inspection report to check if they are genuine.

2, the price

Consumers like low prices, businesses to play a variety of special offers to attract consumers. At the same time, some black-hearted merchants will release ultra-low prices to attract customers, and then take the opportunity to sell some inferior kitchen cabinets. The price of the whole kitchen cabinet is generally a few thousand dollars, and the slightly more expensive ones are worth tens of thousands. For the whole kitchen cabinet with a few hundred yuan, we still advises you not to buy it. This kind of thing is really "a penny and a piece of goods."

3, plate

The overall kitchen cabinet plate has a very important influence on the quality of the kitchen cabinet. Consumers who generally buy whole kitchen cabinets must have heard the salesperson say, "We use moisture-proof panels for this kitchen cabinet, and the moisture-proof effect is particularly good," but we tells you that the process of moisture-proof panels is simpler than that of other panels. Add some moisture-proof particles on the common medium density board. Moisture-proof plate processing technology, accessories, etc. are not as good as other plates.

4, hardware

The quality of hardware accessories is related to the smooth use of the kitchen cabinets and the service life. Among the various hardware accessories, the most important are the door hinges and slide rails. The selection of these two accessories is mainly based on the different ways of opening the door of the kitchen cabinet door: the slide rail is Left and right push-pull cupboard door fittings, door hinges are accessories for kitchen cabinet doors that open inside and outside. If these two accessories are inferior products, long-term use will certainly lead to the opening of kitchen cabinet doors.

5, production process

The selection of kitchen cabinets influences the quality of kitchen cabinets, and its production process also has a great influence on quality. Some kitchen cabinets may experience door panel expansion, deformation, etc. after a period of use. This is because kitchen cabinet doors are not sealed when they are manufactured. When purchasing cupboards, all consumers must not only observe the edge seals of the kitchen cabinets themselves, but also ask the manufacturer's address and production equipment.

6, after-sale service

After-sales service is a problem that consumers are now very concerned about. After-sales kitchen cabinets also require the attention of various businesses. Because of the high frequency of use of kitchen cabinets, the breakage of the countertops and poor opening of kitchen cabinet doors can cause great problems for consumers. Therefore, at the time of purchase, consumers should be optimistic about the kitchen cabinet warranty and after-sales service and other terms.

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