Overall Cabinet VS Wood Cabinets, Who Better?

- Jan 15, 2018 -

Overall cabinet VS wood cabinets, who better?



Different materials


Carpentry cabinets: The use of large core boards, plywood and other common sheet, formaldehyde content exceeded, adverse health; also difficult to resist the kitchen in the humid, hot, corrosive items. At the same time, more than nail-based cabinet connection, drilling is not accurate, a long time easy to loose.


Overall cabinet: solid wood particle board cabinet. Paint door, solid wood door, 3D molded door (that is, plastic panels) is not easy to damage the deformation, easy to wipe clean. At the same time, the connection between the board and the board adopts a detachable connecting piece, which makes the cabinet body perfectly fit in the cabinet door. The utility model has the advantages of convenient switch, light and comfortable, no noise, long service life, adjustable gap and regular renewal, When moving can also be removed all the packaging, conducive to transport, do not damage the cabinets.


Different technology

Woodworking cabinets: rough process, greater error, cabinet edge by hand Edge, the degree of adhesion and poor quality, let alone a panel, line art style.


The whole cabinet: all industrial production, the factory has a variety of modern specialized equipment, from the blanking, drilling, assembly, polishing, and then to the installation, have strict standardization requirements, using high temperature and pressure sealing edge Firm and tidy.


Different functional design

Woodworking cabinets: mostly in the kitchen after the laying of the ground floor design, wind, water, fire, electricity and other pipeline layout mutual "fight." Basically do not talk about what modern scientific design, more problems. For example, ergonomic requirements, the kitchen's five regional functions (including reserve area, kitchen storage area, washing area, preparation function area, cooking baking area) set, emissions unscientific. The bottom of the console is not reserved to accommodate toe space.


Overall cabinet: before the kitchen floor decoration can start the design, all kinds of pipelines, sockets reserved location, space layout is reasonable. At the same time, the design fully considers the activity route of the operators in the kitchen to ensure the whole operation flow is convenient and smooth, saves time, saves the activity route, reduces the repeated routes, reduces the labor intensity, and improves the work efficiency of the kitchen.


Removable, secondary use


A set of high-quality cabinet life can reach more than 8 years, and can be any combination, adjustment and relocation according to the demand. The vast majority of woodworking cabinet manufacturing site, directly with the nail and other walls, if there is change, you can not handle.


Different installation


Since the cabinets to install more trouble, because the cabinet is not vertical, so the door is installed out of the gap, especially the corner of the position; since the cabinets will be hinged door lock does not close the cabinet and easy to fall off; FUNCTION INSTALLATION TROUBLESHOOTING MAY NOT BE INSTALLED. Custom cabinet cabinet with a large panel cutting machine cutting, so as to ensure the cabinet flat, there will be no combination of doors and cabinets not tight situation.


Different grade


Woodworking cabinets: no professional design and professional production tools, often first take a keel, and then set the partition, the door, a big deal to do one or two hanging cabinet. Therefore, the product is rough, taste is low, only the use of (functional), lack of ornamental, preservation, artistic, lack of cultural taste.


The whole cabinet: reflects the cabinet is a living, an art, a culture of modern life philosophy, design and technology involved in the arts and culture and the essence of Chinese and foreign cultures, spacious and tidy, natural, elegant instrument, beautiful lines, the cabinet is a product artwork.


Different services


Woodworking cabinets: no quality assurance, no quality service, customers require maintenance, maintenance is difficult.


The whole cabinet: the same as home appliances, a complete system of high quality after-sales service, customer records sound, regular visits, timely maintenance.


After reading these differences, in the end is which is good, your mental well, right?

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