Open Kitchen Cabinets

- May 15, 2018 -

Open Kitchen Cabinets

1. Modern life determines that the kitchen should be open

Some people objected to the opening of the kitchen. Most of them considered fumes. Most people think that the open kitchen cabinets cannot well block the spread of fumes. Over time, a layer of fumes will accumulate on the furniture and it will be difficult to clean. However, with modern people's lifestyles, only one meal a day will be done at home. Few of these cooking methods will be used for frying. Cooking is not a big issue. Open kitchens cbainets are not a bad idea.

2. Kitchen appliances

High-power range hoods, smokeless stoves, and smokeless pots all provide good hardware conditions for open kitchens. You can also use microwave ovens, induction cookers and other smokeless cooking utensils to open kitchens cabinets.

3. Whole kitchen cabinet leaves space for storage

Although the kitchen is small, but there are definitely a lot of items to be stored, but the appearance of the whole kitchen cabinet provides convenience for the open kitchen cabinets. The cabinets, hardware, and different combinations can transform different styles and types of cabinets. . The kitchen cabinet company will design kitchen cabinets that are most suitable for the owners according to the size of the field and the needs of the owner. Therefore, the storage space does not need to worry about.

4. The kitchenette should be open

Modern living room decoration mainly focuses on the simple and modern style. It is more fashionable with the open kitchen. And now the average size of the kitchen is not too large, and the open kitchen can make the space visually larger and make the space better.

1. The restaurant and the kitchen are next to each other. This house is a small apartment with an area of only a few tens of square meters. Choose an open kitchen and the space is more transparent. And the kitchen is next to the dining table, which is more convenient.

2. The kitchen is next to the living room, separated by a screen with a personality and mood, which saves space and evokes the taste of the entire house.

3. Open kitchens usually have a bar design. The bar and the table here are combined into one, both beautiful and practical.

4. If the space division of the open-plan kitchen is not obvious enough, the floor of the kitchen can be elevated like the design here, which will not affect the overall effect, but can also have obvious partition.

Open kitchen cabinets design points

1, space transformation to clever. Every kitchen space has a basic structure such as a firewall or a ceiling beam when it is built. When the kitchen partition is remodeled, the existing conditions of the structure must be taken into consideration, so that “advantageous use and clever utilization” will be considered. If there is a lintel on the wall to be remodeled, it can be converted into a light top of a bar table, and it cannot be dismantled so as not to affect the stability of the building structure.

2, furniture cabinet style to be unified. If your open kitchen is a meal, kitchen or guest, it is necessary to consider the harmony between the living room, dining room furniture and kitchen furniture to ensure that the "open kitchen" can naturally integrate into the overall home atmosphere.

3, the rotation space should be sufficient. The placement of the dinette in the open kitchen cannot affect the cooking space. When the dining chair is pulled out, the back of the chair should be at least 1 meter away from the cabinet, and the general dinette must occupy at least 2 meters in width. With the deepening of the cabinets, the length of the kitchen is required to be at least 3.6 meters or more.

4, ventilation and smoke should be strengthened. Open kitchen stoves should consider the use of kitchen utensils that will not produce too much fumes. Therefore, high-power range hoods are an indispensable “smoking guard” for open kitchens. It's best to have larger windows, which will ensure good ventilation to reduce the smell of smoke inside the room, and it will also make the interior light brighter.

5, storage space should be enough. Open kitchen countertops should not put too many bedding to ensure its aesthetic. Therefore, the storage function of the cabinet needs to be as large as possible, and all the “unsightliness” can be installed in the cabinet.


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