Notice Of Buying Kitchen Cabinets

- Apr 27, 2018 -

Notice of Buying Kitchen Cabinets

Buy according to kitchen size and shape

In the purchase must be based on the size of their own home kitchen, room and other actual conditions to choose, but also take into account the waterway, circuit transformation, installation, etc., do not love at first sight, impulsive consumption, buy home only to find simply not suitable.

"I" type kitchen cabinets: suitable for smaller kitchens

"L" type kitchen cabinets, "2" type cabinets: Suitable for medium kitchens

"U" cabinets, "Island" cabinets, "G" cabinets: Suitable for larger kitchens

According to kitchen cabinet main material purchase

Kitchen cabinet main materials are mainly composed of two parts, kitchen cabinets and door panels. The kitchen cabinets will be different due to the limitations of natural environment conditions such as temperature and temperature in various places and the differences in economic conditions. The door panel is the face of the whole set of cabinets. The choice of materials and colors determines the cabinet style and the overall visual effect. Therefore, the quality of the door panel directly affects the quality of the cabinet.

At present, the kitchen cabinet materials on the market are roughly divided into three types: density boards (also known as fiberboards), moisture-proof boards, and particle board. Kitchen cabinet door material is roughly divided into seven types: solid wood, polyester, veneer, crystal, fire-resistant board, plastic, aluminum-plastic.

Particleboard is currently the preferred kitchen cabinet material in China. It has the advantages of compact molecular structure, high strength, non-deformation, strong nail holding power, and economical durability. It is the first choice for kitchen cabinets to be purchased for the first time.

According to the kitchen cabinet counter purchase

The kitchen cabinets countertops is the place where most of the food is in contact with the food in the kitchen, so the nature is also the most demanding. The purchase of the countertop mainly needs to consider three factors: abrasion resistance, pollution resistance, and hardness. There are many types of kitchen cabinets countertops on the market. In fact, it can be summarized as four types: stainless steel, natural stone, artificial stone, and diamond.

Stainless steel kitchen cabinets countertops: At present, households use less, and are mostly used in public kitchens such as hotels.

Natural stone kitchen cabinets countertops: beautiful but easy to break, use less and less.

Artificial stone kitchen cabinets countertops: It is the most commonly used countertop material on the market.

Diamond kitchen cabinets countertops: The diamond kitchen cabinets countertops are made of high-quality natural jade and natural crystals as their main materials, with good quality but high prices.

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