Natural Stone Countertops Of Kitchen Cabinets

- May 09, 2018 -

Natural Stone Countertops Of Kitchen Cabinets

The high-grade granite and marble in natural stone is the traditional raw material for the kitchen cabinets countertops. Black and white flowers are more commonly used.

Advantages: The texture of natural stone is very beautiful, hard texture, scratch resistance is very prominent, good wear resistance; low cost, different colors, the most commonly used price is only 200 yuan a meter, is the most economical a table material.

Disadvantages: The length of natural stone cannot be too long. It is impossible to make the whole tabletop with a long length, which is not suitable for the trend of the modern pursuit of the whole tabletop; two pieces of mosaic cannot be integrated, and the gaps are easy to grow bacteria; the density of natural stone is larger and needs Strong cabinet support, although it is more than rigid, but lack of elasticity, in case of heavy blow cracks will occur, it is difficult to repair, some invisible natural cracks, in case of rapid changes in temperature will easily split.

Attention problem: natural stone is formed after tens of thousands of years of weathering. Some materials may be radioactive and emit poisonous gas, and do not meet the requirements of environmental protection. If no special treatment is performed, it may cause harm to human body, so when choosing It is best to do radiation tests.

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