Multi-Layer Board Vs Particle Board

- Apr 24, 2018 -

Multi-Layer Board Vs Particle Board

Solid wood particle board is a new type, high-grade and environmentally friendly substrate, and the technology is very mature. It is made of wood or other lignocellulosic material, on both sides of the wood fiber with fine wood fibers between the middle long wood fiber, glue adhesive synthesis of artificial boards. The board produced by the chipboard process is the same as the density board. Solid wood particle board has a high proportion of market share in the market of China or other countries due to its high quality and low price.

Solid wood multi-layer board can also be called plywood. It is a multi-layer board arranged in a criss-cross pattern and used as a base material. After being coated with resin, it is produced in a hot press through high temperature and high pressure. In general, it contains more than two layers, with four layers, six layers, eight layers, and so on.

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