Melamine Kitchen Cabinets

- May 08, 2018 -

Melamine Kitchen Cabinets

Double-fabricated door panels (MELAMINE referred to as MFC) (environmentally durable, stable and generous style enduring)

Double veneer (also called tri-hydrogenated ammonia board) usually uses wood chipboard as the base material, takes the surface layer (Grade A color overlay paper) after immersing and drying in melamine glue, and passes the special press on the high temperature and high pressure. Bonded. There are many such boards available on the market today, and the quality varies greatly. The price difference is also very different. The issues that people are most concerned about now are: formaldehyde content, the nail holding force of the board (which is what we usually say nailing) and water absorption.

Formaldehyde is now known to be very harmful. The best melamine board in China is the particle board of Jilin Forest Industry Lushuihe (environmental standards can be up to European E1 or E0 standards). The substrate of each board is made of 100% natural hardwood, so it is particularly tough and flat.

There are also relatively poor boards of kitchen cabinets available in the market. In the building materials market, it is very difficult for sellers to stick to veneer at the price of 70-80 yuan to reach the E1 standard. There are also a lot of cabinet manufacturers use to make the box, reduce costs, lower prices! Today's imported brands are more well-known import brands: Austrian EGGER Belgium UNLIN Germany PELEIDERER; the wood of these plates comes from Europe's uncontaminated forest area, the entire production process All of them have strict monitoring measures. Their products have been measured by specialized agencies and meet European environmental protection E1 standards.

Surface-attached melamine veneer of kitchen cabinets has resistance to open flame for 15 to 20 seconds, impact resistance (500 g steel ball falls from 200mm, does not substantially damage the surface) acid and alkali resistance (oil salt vinegar will not damage the surface) High temperature resistance (not afraid of boiling water, but the pan that has just been boiled can not be directly put on the top) So the melamine panel adapts to the special environment of the kitchen, so it is widely used by the kitchen cabinet industry, and it is also an ideal door and kitchen cabinet material for everyone.

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