Mastering These Custom Cabinets Can Not Fool You

- Feb 16, 2018 -

Because of the different structure of the kitchen, most people will choose custom cabinets in the kitchen decoration. Custom cabinets can be your favorite style, you can also meet their own requirements. So in the process of custom cabinets, we need to know what the knowledge about custom cabinets? Let's take a look!

Master these cabinet custom little knowledge, no one can not fooled you!


First, the custom cabinet process

1. Can be purchased before the decoration, the initial purchase can be from the brand, style, material, style and other aspects of consideration;

2. After determining the cabinet, in the presence of hydropower workers, you can about cabinets designer door-to-door test;

3. Designers out of the design, the owners can change the map if there is no objection;

4. After completion of construction of hydropower gas, ceramic tile shop, ceiling installation is complete, you can find the cabinet designer on-site complex test;

5. Owners confirm the design drawings no problem, you can sign the contract formally put into production.

6. General merchants will confirm the installation with the owner two days in advance;

7. Cabinet installation process, sink, range hood, gas stove, small appliances and other recommended synchronous installation, one step in place.

Master these cabinet custom little knowledge, no one can not fooled you!


Second, what are cabinet cabinets

1, multi-layer solid wood board Multi-layer solid wood board by layer plus a layer of plastic board plus, so its environmental protection is relatively poor. However, multi-layer nail holding power, hardware is stable, not easy to deformation cracking, moisture-proof ability, cost is quite high.

2, solid wood particle board Solid wood particle board, do not look in his name with "solid wood", in fact, there is no half-solid wood relationship. It is the use of wood scraps as raw material, by pressing, with less plastic, more environmentally friendly. However, its grip nail strength and strength than multi-layer solid wood almost, moisture resistance is also poor, can not soak.

3, love the grid love the grid plate and wood grain board the same, but its quality is better, it combines the advantages of multi-layer solid wood and solid wood particles for a plate: grip nail strength, stability is not deformed, environmental protection. However, there are still quite a lot of love on the market love the grid, when buying must pay more attention.

Master these cabinet custom little knowledge, no one can not fooled you!

cabinets board.jpg

Third, what are the common cabinet doors and materials

1, paint the door high brightness, stain resistance, easy to clean; high strength, high abrasion resistance; surface paint can effectively waterproof, moisture-proof, no edge;

2, crystal steel door new technology, new materials, structural stability, durability, impact resistance, wear-resistant, knife cut nondestructive; waterproof fire and crash mothproof; easy to clean, odorless, environmentally friendly, non-radioactive, formaldehyde and other harmful Material, non-toxic and pollution-free.

3, plastic door color and rich texture; anti-scratch wear-resistant, heat-resistant, stain resistance, fade resistance, no cracking without deformation; simple routine maintenance;

4, solid wood door texture is good, upscale and beautiful, natural lines, environmental pollution, consolidate and durable, high temperature, scratch-resistant.

Master these cabinet custom little knowledge, no one can not fooled you!

Fourth, the cabinet installed need to pay attention to check what

1. Check the number of cabinet door, style, color model is consistent with the order contract;

2. Check the cabinet and the door is scratched paint;

3. Check the door and the cabinet first contact is solid, the door can be closed, handle, edge is solid, the screw is solid;

4. Check the table material is scratched or sewn too large and other issues.

Master these cabinet custom little knowledge, no one can not fooled you!

custom cabinets.jpg

For a home, is indispensable to the kitchen, cooking every culinary kitchen, not only to fill our empty stomach, let us feel the warmth of the home! So cabinets custom underestimate Oh! Well, the above is a small series for everyone to introduce custom tips on cabinets, hope to give you help!

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