Marble Kitchen Cabinet Countertop Installation Skills

- Jan 15, 2019 -

Marble Kitchen Cabinet Countertop Installation Skills

Nowadays, many families like to decorate the bathroom or the kitchen with marble kitchen cabinet countertops, because these two spaces are really easy to stain, and the marble kitchen cabinet countertops are better for cleaning. So, how to install the marble kitchen cabinet countertops?

Materials/tools to be prepared:

Before installing marble kitchen cabinet countertops, first prepare the required materials and tools to prevent material shortage during installation. The materials and tools required for marble countertop installation include: marble material, hammer (to remove old countertops), horizontal lines, silicone adhesive, and tape measure.

Marble kitchen cabinet countertop installation steps:

1. Use the prepared tape measure to measure the length and width of the countertop area to be installed. Then, depending on the actual situation, consider whether to install the countertop with the sink or install the sink and the kitchen cabinet countertop separately.

2. Move the prepared marble to the area to be installed. If the marble countertop is dirty or dusty, clean it.

3. When the new kitchen cabinet countertop is ready, you can start to clear the old countertop and sink. This step requires attention: if the kitchen cabinets at the countertops do not need to be replaced, continue to use them, then ensure the integrity of the kitchen cabinets when removing the old countertops and sinks. Of course, if circumstances permit, the old countertops and sinks can be removed a few days before the new marble countertops are installed, and the waste is removed by the way.

4. After the installation area is processed, you can start to install a new marble kitchen cabinet countertop. Note that you do not need to apply any glue in this installation step. After installation, test the installation effect and see if the installation is suitable. If the shape of the area where the kitchen cabinet countertop is installed is not a complete square or rectangle, then it may be necessary to trim the new kitchen cabinet countertop after installation.

5. After installing the new marble kitchen cabinet countertop, the next step is to install the tailgate and ensure that the tailgate is tightly integrated with the wall. If there is a gap in the middle, necessary adjustments are required.

6. Once all areas and corners have been checked, you can use the 100% clean silicone adhesive you have prepared. Note: The silicone adhesive used here is preferably light-colored and guaranteed to be clean. Because the color of the adhesive is displayed through the marble after drying, the light color itself is not obvious, which ensures the aesthetic appearance of the marble.

7. After all the treatments are completed, let stand for 8 hours, then check to see if the kitchen cabinet countertops are evenly fixed on the kitchen cabinet. The above is about the "marble tabletop installation" related introduction, I hope to help everyone. Remember, you must wait until the marble countertop is completely fixed, otherwise you can't put it into use!
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