Made In Japan Drop The Altar, Wake Up Home, The Prospects For Fraud

- Dec 28, 2017 -

And Made in Japan. I believe that most people's first impression is that they are "rigorous, sophisticated and ingenuity." Artisans have the spiritual concept of carving out their products and pursuing excellence. Therefore, Said one. From craftsmanship as its name SEIKO Seiko watches, black technology to lead the world's "Sony Dafa is good," to the influx of thousands of boys and girls Minimalist "Muji", these are renowned companies are Japan's manufacturing The best show of excellence.


Made in Japan this is synonymous with fine

Ingenuity behind the craft, naturally can not do without the strict control of the quality of Japanese nationals. They think that quality is absolutely impossible, even if it is to create a small screw, the thread must also be complete, the relief groove depicts a detailed, can not tolerate the excess iron fragments, because, the Japanese have always maintained a high degree of shoddy Vigilance and omnidirectional exclusion, so meticulous, to boost the Japanese manufacturing boarded the altar of refined altar, and by virtue of the top equipment of the German arts par, praised.


January 2015, I have set foot in the "cherry country" observed people walking on the road agile, until 22 points, the factory building or brightly lit, early in the morning, one after another wearing a suit of white-collar workers out of office, the deepest The experience is that the people in motion, even occasional conversations, are soft-spoken, for fear of disturbing others, and seldom loud and loud. They adhere to the principle of self-discipline and follow the order by no means "superficial effort." It can be surmised that in this highly self-disciplined nation, the crackdown will be devastating once the crisis of counterfeiting occurs. Just as the customization of a single product leads to Out of the whole house custom, if a part of the product appears fake, will endanger the brand's overall reputation.


Watch out! Japan's third-largest steel company was faked for 10 years!

People often say that the higher you stand, the more you fall after you slip. Some time ago, standing above the altar in Japan's steel industry was exposed to adulteration for up to 10 years, the scandal is enough to make Japan's manufacturing industry exhausted shelf, so that eating the masses of the artisan country stunned!



According to Japanese media reports, the world-renowned Japanese steel industry hegemony - founded in 1905 Kobe Steel (Kobe Steel), in August this year, the company's internal investigation found that the group's four firms have tampered with the relevant In addition, the investigators conducted an overall survey on the products of the past 10 years and found that some of the steelmaking data have also been tampered with! Umezuhara, the vice president of Kobe Steel, admitted in an investigation that "because the product does not meet the customer's requirements and can not produce qualified products within the delivery date, it has been fooling customers to tamper with the quality assurance data for 10 years." According to statistics, more than 20000 tons of aluminum parts, 2 tons of copper products and 20000 forged aluminum products failed to be sold, including Toyota Motor, JR Tokai Shinkansen, the United States Boeing, including more than 200 well-known Large enterprises, involving a wide range of face, it can be said that the sky fly, run on the ground, the sea travel sparse.


According to Kobe Steel's Web site introduction, "automotive valve spring wire" is its exclusive product, accounting for 50% of the world market share, which means that every 2 cars in the world, there may be a failed Wire. Today, this century-old Japanese enterprise that once convinced the manufacturing industry in the world was pushed to the cusp of fraud and trust. However, this time the tampered data of exposure may be only the tip of an iceberg, maybe we are "lurking" from Kobe steel counterfeit goods. As long as 10 years of history of counterfeit blacks, there is absolutely no way to erase it as easily as chalk characters. The negative impact it produces is fatal. It even bites the quality products that the Japanese have always been proud of. So, Made in Japan, who dropped the altar overnight, is what warns the rising custom home?

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