Lacquered Door Panels Of Kitchen Cabinets

- May 08, 2018 -

Lacquered Door Panels Of Kitchen Cabinets

Lacquered door panels (brilliant appearance, easy to clean properties loved by young people)

Friends who pursue fashion are not anticipating! Paint the door. In recent years, lacquered kitchen cabinets have been brightly colored and have no edge-sealing. Therefore, they are favored by many customers. Some of the lower-priced paints in the market are often painted and have not been processed by the baking process at all. The brightness of the surface with the color can not reach the piano paint effect. The substrate chosen for the lacquer door of kitchen cabinets is as important as the environmental protection of the paint, and it also affects the effect of the use. Paint: two times primer, two times white primer, two times paint, secondary varnish, spray paint into the drying room heating and drying process, each time near the barn, barn temperature above 80 degrees, To ensure that the paint is fully evaporated, there is no pungent taste, and the hardness is good. Painted door panels have the advantages of bright color, good surface finish, easy scrubbing, environmental protection, moisture resistance, and good performance. Baking paint door of kitchen cabinets multi-use density board as a substrate, the back of the trihydric amine veneer, workmanship process is complex, the processing cycle is longer, the price is relatively high. Paint is divided into piano paint and metal (car) paint two, metal paint is better than piano paint.

Painted panels of kitchen cabinets can also be made in European style door panels. The computer's engraving machine can make a variety of shapes, trimming and comparing the standard, sanding machine sand surface flatness, to ensure the effect of paint. In the selection of electrostatic spraying technology, (general manufacturers use the spray gun.) The electrostatic spraying technology is much better than the spray gun. The spray gun is easy to have gas and water, so we can sometimes see blisters on the paint door, there are Fine particles. The electrostatic spraying is based on the principle of automobile painting, and the paint is atomized, so the surface of a good paint door is relatively smooth. The paint door manufacturers in the Beijing market have very few electrostatic spraying equipment! (General price of spray gun is around 500-1000 yuan, good electrostatic equipment is between 4-5 million yuan)

After the primer is applied, each time the water mill and the polishing process are required, the water mill uses 3,000-grit sandpaper to ensure the flatness of the paint. If the paint is not good or less than 8 times, the general manufacturers are afraid to Shuimo. The last step of the paint is the polishing and waxing of the 8,000-rpm polishing machine, which guarantees the flatness of the panel.

Some small manufacturers are unable to achieve the above process, so they dare not to polish it. They use up to 2,000 parts of sandpaper on the door panel. The above panel of Chinese craftsmanship can be distinguished from the visual one!

Paint panel of kitchen cabinets is very good care, of course, can also be used to paint the door with a shape. Matt paint is very good grades, feel fine!

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