Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

- Apr 25, 2018 -

KItchen cabinet Hardware

Hinge: Most Under Tested

Experts said that the kitchen cabinet doors must be opened and closed several times a day. The hinges not only connect the door panels of the kitchen cabinets, but also stand alone on the weight of the door panels. The high-quality hinges will be opened and closed more than 100,000 times in the case of a load of more than ten kilograms to ensure the door panels. Do not sink.

Hinge opening and closing effects and durability are basic requirements. Followed by adjustable: up and down, left and right, before and after the adjustable range of ± 2mm; opening angle should be above 90 degrees, and can stop at any angle, 15 degrees can automatically return to close, and have a certain degree of corrosion resistance And security.


Hanging code: bearing weight is the key

In the kitchen cabinet hardware, the hanging kitchen cabinet hanging is the main force supporting the hanging kitchen cabinet. Hanging pieces are fixed on the wall. Hanging yards are fixed on both sides of the upper and lower corners of the hanging kitchen cabinet. After being hung up and down, the positioning adjustment can be performed up and down, front and rear, and finally, a kitchen cabinet body combiner is added to ensure the fixed quality and use. effect. The quality requirements of the special assembly: each hanging code should be able to withstand the vertical hanging force of 50KG; with three-dimensional adjustment function; plastic parts should be flame-retardant, no cracks and scars.


Slide rails: must be leveled on both sides

Professionals said that the importance of the slide rails is second only to the hinges, and the preferred sliding function should be a natural combination of smoothness and weight bearing effects. Under the condition of rated load-bearing weight, there are no obvious frictional sounds and jamming phenomena, and the sliding is smooth. It plays an important role in the use and life of the drawer. At present, the two most common ones on the market are "iron rails" and "damping rails." The general load-bearing capacity of iron-plated slide rails is about 35 kilograms, and the damper-pump slide rails are between 45 and 70 kilograms. It is not only silent but also greatly increases the bearing capacity. According to experts, the damping rails can reduce the noise caused by severe mechanical collisions and prevent premature aging of metal components, and at the same time have the function of automatic dust removal.


Pull basket: carefully selected, tailored

If hardware, such as hinges and slide rails, is a basic accessory that guarantees quality, then the pull basket is a functional accessory that relates to whether the use of the kitchen is comfortable, convenient, and stylish in the future. The pull basket has a large storage space, and can reasonably divide the space, so that various items and utensils "get it right", and can also make full use of the space at the corner to maximize the value of space use.

According to the kitchen cabinet designer, according to different uses, the basket can be divided into the hob pull basket, pull basket on three sides, drawer pull basket, basket pull basket, deep basket, corner pull basket and so on. At the time of purchase, it is best for consumers to introduce their own living habits to the business, so that the business can help you choose the type of basket that best suits your family.


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