Kitchen Design Considerations

- May 29, 2018 -

Kitchen Design Considerations

The basic principle:

1. The design of the kitchen should be considered from the viewpoint of reducing the operator's labor intensity and convenience of use.

2. The height of the kitchen gas stove should be 700mm from the ground.

3. kitchen design should be a reasonable arrangement of stoves, hoods, water heaters and other equipment must fully consider the installation, maintenance and use of these equipment safety.

4. the kitchen decoration materials should be color and elegant, smooth surface, easy to clean.

5. the kitchen floor should use non-slip, easy to clean the ceramic block floor.

6. the top of the kitchen, the wall surface should use fireproof, heat-resistant, easy to clean materials, such as glazed tile wall, aluminum ceiling and so on.

7. the kitchen design should not affect the kitchen lighting, ventilation, lighting and other effects.

8. It is forbidden to move the gas meter. The gas pipeline must not be used as a concealed pipe. At the same time, you should consider the convenience of meter reading.

9. the kitchen is a cooking place, labor hard. In order to reduce labor intensity, it is necessary to apply ergonomic principles and rational layout.

10. The first thing to consider in the design is security.

11. the kitchen first practical, can not only be aesthetic design principles.

12. kitchen lighting needs to be divided into two levels: one is the lighting of the entire kitchen, one is the washing, preparation, operation of the lighting.

13. due to the different needs of each person, the refrigerator, rice cookers, ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, etc. are placed in the appropriate position in the cabinet, easy to open, use.

14. the best cabinet in the kitchen is made of drawers, push-pull type to facilitate access, visually better. The wall cabinets are usually made of 30 to 40 cm wide multilayer grids.

15. The gap between the hanging cabinet and the operating platform can generally be used to take some of the necessary utensils for cooking.

16. Many places in the kitchen must be considered to prevent children from being at risk.

17. Set yourself an additional platform that you can sit and work on.

18. The amount of garbage in the kitchen is large, and the smell is also large. It is easy to place in a place that is convenient for dumping and concealment.

19. kitchen furniture, design to be determined by the owner's body.

20. the height of the range hood is based on the user's height, and the distance between the range hood and the stove should not exceed 60 cm.

21. the internal design of the material must be easy to clean, the best choice is not easy to pollute, easy to clean, moisture, heat and durable materials, tile and plastic flooring can meet these requirements.

22. if the kitchen area is large enough, can be placed on a small dining table, so that it can double as a dining room, no need to use another space as a dining room, under the table can be placed carpet for space purposes.

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