Kitchen Cabinets Kickboard

- Jul 04, 2018 -

Kitchen Cabinets Kickboard

Cabinet skirting board installation - skirting board installation method

1. Observe whether the corner floor and the wall surface are flat, and the unevenness is flattened with a shovel and then cleaned. Otherwise, the cabinet kickboard will be bent and not fully affixed to the wall surface, leaving an unsightly gap.

2. The maximum clearance between the cabinet kickboard and the floor should be less than 3mm. Use a coin of 1 yuan to plug it. If it is inserted more than 2, the gap may be too large.

3. Before splicing the cabinet skirting board, the wall with white cement should be cleaned first, then the foot line should be laid. After the paving, the foot line should be protected to prevent the paint from sticking to the surface of the foot line when painting or painting. Can't clean it down.

4. Although the cabinet skirting board is stuck in the seam, it is necessary to take measures to make it more fixed. The tools that are needed to secure the baseboard are mainly floor nails and hammers. Secure the baseboard and then nail the floor into the baseboard to connect the baseboard to the wall.

Cabinet Skirting Installation - Cabinet Skirting Board Installation Precautions

1. Pre-planning the cabinet position requires prior planning to avoid gaps in the future when the purchased furniture cannot be attached to the wall. (Of course, you can also directly use the paint to draw the cabinet skirting board on the wall, instead of the physical skirting board, there is no problem that the furniture can not be attached to the wall)

2. If there is no consideration for the route, try to use the solid cabinet skirting board baseboard material. There are many materials for cabinet skirting and skirting. PVC, wood, stainless steel, glass and stone are all available. The solid material of the baseboard is expensive, but in addition to durability, it can also avoid the kickboard becoming a small and strong ant. aisle!

Through the above introduction to the installation method and precautions of the cabinet skirting board, I hope that it will be helpful for everyone to install the cabinet skirting board.


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