Kitchen Cabinets Door Panel Material

- Nov 09, 2018 -

Kitchen Cabinets Door Panel Material

Solid wood door panel kitchen cabinets: It is made of natural wood splicing. It uses natural texture and wood color of wood to express natural beauty. The texture of the plate is natural and simple and elegant. It fully reflects the nobleness of the kitchen cabinet, and the three-dimensional shape is very good and the whole process is very used. With less glue, the formaldehyde emission is almost equal to zero, which is the most environmentally friendly material in the kitchen cabinet door panel.


1 Natural wood, environmentally friendly, good texture, texture, and return to the original effect;

2 The overall nature, luxurious classics, simple craftsmanship and materials have won the favor of modern people.

3 Compared with other materials, it has low thermal conductivity and high temperature resistance and toughness.


1 Natural materials, the resources are scarce and the price is high, the color is also determined by the tree species, and the selectivity is small.

2 The dry or humid environment is also not suitable for solid wood, and the acid and alkali resistance is poor.

3 Clean and dry the water and water stains with a soft cleaning cloth as soon as possible to avoid deformation caused by long-term water immersion. Do not use harder cleaning utensils to avoid damage to the surface.

Applicable kitchen cabinets: The traditional classical style requires a large kitchen space, and the U shape and the island shape kitchen cabinets are more suitable forms. The rustic kitchen is also dominated by solid wood, which also requires a large area, preferably with antique design tiles.

Baking varnish plate--based on high-quality 18mm medium density fiberboard as the base material, the surface is painted with imported paint, and the back is glazed with white fireproof board. The so-called baking varnish actually refers to a surface drying process, that is, the door panel is baked in the oven at 60-80 ° C for 4-6 hours after being polished by the "three bottoms, three sides and two lacquers" until the surface is completely dry.


1 The color is gorgeous, gorgeous and noble, and has strong anti-staining ability. The surface paint can be effectively waterproof and moisture-proof.

No need to seal the edge; no oil leakage, no fading.

2 High luminosity, mirror effect, easy to clean and care.


1 Fear of bumps and scratches, it is difficult to repair after damage.

2 In the kitchen with more soot, color difference is likely to occur.

Applicable kitchen cabinets: Because the color is diverse and the overall shape is strong, the size of the space is not a problem. A small area can choose a light color to have a magnifying space. Kitchens with a large enough area should pay more attention to the color matching. The bright red to bright green is combined with the island shape and the corridor shape.

UV board - UV kitchen cabinets is the abbreviation of Uitraviolet (UV), UV paint is UV curing paint, UV curing, also known as photoinitiated coating. The sheet is passed through a UV paint and dried in a UV curing machine to form a sheet. Based on high-quality 18mm medium density fiberboard, the color is mainly divided into solid color and flash silver.


1 Glossy, soft color, no discoloration 2 Mirror effect, crystal clear

3 Surface with resin film to enhance wear resistance 4 Aluminum alloy edging, upgrade grade, strong stereo.

5 Soft, translucent panels with a hint of mystery in simplicity


1 Resin materials are more likely to adhere to oil stains. When cleaning, be careful not to use steel balls, otherwise it will cause fluffing.

Suitable for the kitchen: the size of the space is not a problem due to the variety of colors. A kitchen with a large enough area, with an aluminum alloy edge-sealing style and a larger door panel, can simultaneously create a sleek, minimalist and luxurious style.

Veneer kitchen cabinets--refers to the 18mm moisture-proof board as the base material, put the film paper surface with different colors or textures into the melamine resin adhesive to infuse, then dry to a certain degree of curing, and then lay it on The surface of the moisture barrier is made of high temperature and high pressure. The wood grain of monochrome and wood series is natural and beautiful.


1 The surface is smooth and wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant, and good moisture resistance.

2 Very environmentally friendly, hard and not easily deformed

3 The appearance is simple and generous, the overall shape is strong and stylish.


1 Less color, the surface can not be carved, more monotonous.

Blister board kitchen cabinets--based on high-quality 18mm medium density fiberboard as the substrate, after cutting and three-dimensional milling, it is vacuum-applied with German Beiga vacuum absorbing machine. The industry's plastic door panels are called “no defect boards” and are the most mature door panel processing types. The European plastic door panels account for more than 70% of the kitchen cabinet door panels, and are one of the most mature kitchen cabinet door materials.

The PVC fabric kitchen cabinets used in the sleek house is divided into high-gloss and matt, and the thickness is up to 0.45mm. The surface of the film is not scratched with nails, and the color of the surface is often changed without fading. It adopts the German Beiga vacuum blister machine, which is the world's most advanced plastic door panel production equipment. It can effectively guarantee the adhesion between PVC film and door board substrate. The shape of the door panel is clear and durable. Due to the high humidity and high temperature of the kitchen (such as around the stove and the oven), the quality of the glue plays a key role in the quality of the membrane plate. In order to improve the quality of the product and its resistance to temperature and moisture, the company uses high-quality environmentally friendly solvent-based German Taurus or German glue king glue, the door panel does not degumming without opening, greatly extending the life of the door.


A. Through the embossing and styling of the density fiberboard in the substrate, the pattern has a variety of shapes and a three-dimensional effect. After a certain modeling process, the fashion is classic, the gloss is delicate, the color is soft, and the wood grain is realistic.

B. The door panel does not need to be edged, waterproof, moisture proof, hardness and flexibility.

C. No cracking, no deformation, scratch resistance, stain resistance, fade resistance


A. Since the surface is PVC film, the high temperature resistance is poor, and should be kept away from the heat source above 70 °C to prevent softening deformation.Tel: +86-571-56976336

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