Kitchen Cabinets Buying Skill

- Sep 19, 2018 -

Kitchen Cabinets Buying Skill

kitchen cabinet style


As the name implies, it is a straight-line kitchen cabinet that is lined up against the wall and belongs to the “basic section” in the kitchen cabinet. For small kitchens and families who don't cook often, the basic requirements can be met, but the kitchen owner's storage capacity is tested. The reasonable countertop layout and drawer design will make the one-piece kitchen cabinet more practical.

L type

The L-shaped kitchen cabinet is the most common kitchen cabinet style in the current kitchen decoration, ideal for long and narrow kitchens. The corner design increases the storage function of the kitchen kitchen cabinet, and can well connect the preparation area, the cleaning area and the operation area to form an assembly line.

Such a kitchen cabinet style can make use of the operation space in the middle zone as much as possible, and form a triangular area in the process of washing, cutting and frying, which is the most reasonable kitchen operation principle. The kitchen is generally 4 to 6 square meters, and the L-shaped kitchen cabinet is the best choice.

U type

The U-shaped kitchen cabinet is an extension of the L-shape. Add another countertop on the other long side, or a wall-mounted kitchen cabinet to form a three-sided semi-closed area. It can effectively increase the operating area and expand the storage space.

The U-shaped kitchen cabinet design has the advantages of high space utilization, reasonable operation flow, and can accommodate multiple people. This type of kitchen cabinet style can clearly define the functional areas such as the washing area, cooking area, operation area and storage area of the kitchen, leaving sufficient space for activities.

Island type

Island-type kitchen cabinets are a common kitchen design in foreign countries, suitable for open kitchens with large kitchen spaces.

There are two types of island kitchen cabinets:

First, the island platform directly connected to the whole kitchen cabinet can be used as a console or a few simple bar stools. It becomes an island that can communicate with family members while going to the kitchen. This design allows the cook to stop being alone and enjoy the fun of cooking.

The other is an independent island platform, which is common in the design of large-sized kitchens. The cost of input is relatively high, and local tyrants are free.

When choosing the kitchen cabinet style, we must consider the size of the kitchen space, the structure of the structure, the resident population at home, the cooking habits of the users, and the overall style. To be "practical and beautiful", the only pursuit of good-looking will be the end of the game, life is not a movie.

However, in general, the layout of the one-line and L-shape is more suitable for the decoration of small-sized kitchens; the kitchen space with a wide kitchen layout and multi-person operation can be considered U-shaped; the island-type kitchen is more suitable for large-scale opening. Kitchen.

Common countertops on the market are quartz stone, artificial stone, diamond, and stainless steel countertops.

1 quartz stone countertop

Quartz stone is made of broken glass and quartz sand.

Advantages: good wear resistance and heat resistance, the seam is not obvious, it is a good choice for kitchen countertops.

Disadvantages: Obviously, because the hardness is too strong and difficult to process, the general quartz stone shape is relatively simple, and the price is basically twice that of the same quality artificial stone.

Cleaning care: The surface of the quartz stone countertop is subjected to complicated polishing treatment, so the daily cleaning can be washed with water, which is simple and easy, and does not cause yellowing and discoloration.

2 artificial stone countertops (composite acrylic and pure acrylic)

Artificial stone is also a common countertop material, which is divided into two types: seamed and seamless. Seamless artificial stone countertops are high-end countertops.

Advantages: It can be seamlessly bonded at any length, and the overall uniformity is higher.

Disadvantages: Compared with quartz stone, the anti-staining ability is insufficient; the hardness is not high and it is easy to break, and there are many varieties on the market, it is not easy to distinguish between good and bad.

Cleaning care: daily cleaning only needs a sponge to wash the detergent, and there are small stains, which can be wiped with neutral detergent or toothpaste.

3 diamond countertops

Diamond is a dense, non-porous composite material with excellent corrosion resistance.

Advantages: The surface color is brighter, the finish is better, and the cracking probability is almost zero.

Disadvantages: The hardness is extremely high and difficult to process, and it is easy to break when the temperature changes sharply.

Matters needing attention: In the case of large indoor and outdoor temperature difference, diamond has a great chance of "thermal expansion and contraction" effect, the students in the north carefully selected.

4 stainless steel countertops

Rugged and easy to clean, it is often used in the kitchen design of the catering industry, and the countertops of the home kitchen cabinets are rarely made of stainless steel.

Hardware and Accessories

The core of the panel furniture is not in the plate, in the hardware. However, the advantages and disadvantages of hardware often do not cause the attention of kitchen cabinet manufacturers, consumers also lack sufficient understanding of the quality of hardware.

1 hinge

Hinge (also called hinge) In the process of frequent switching of kitchen cabinet doors, the most likely to be tested is the hinge.

Shopping tips:

1. Damping hinges are more common due to the smoothness of opening and closing and the effectiveness of sound elimination.

2. According to the angle of opening the door, the 90 degree hinge is the most common (also 120 degrees, 150 degrees, 170 degrees). It is flexible according to the kitchen design;

3. Hold the joint of the hinge to simulate the closing state and slowly close the hinge. Trying a few more feels that the hinge is smooth during the closing process without a strong sense of obstruction.

4. When you buy at the site, press down on the door panel directly. If you feel very stable, prove that the thickness of the hinge is up to standard.

5. Use a screwdriver to test the hinges of the hinges and the fastening screws at the rear of the hinges. If the screws are tightened repeatedly, there is no problem.

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