Kitchen Cabinet Structure

- May 17, 2018 -

Kitchen Cabinet Structure

1. the floor kitchen cabinet side plate folder floor structure: This type of kitchen cabinet installation adjustment foot must be fixed below the kitchen cabinet side plate, otherwise it will give the user the future use has caused a great deal of hidden dangers.

2. fixed connection between the skirt and the kitchen cabinet: the normal kitchen cabinet apron is a detachable holding card structure, even if it is damaged by water immersion, replacing a skirt can solve the problem, and will not hurt the cabinet.

3. directly sealed nail back plate: regardless of the wall tiling does not tiling, this type of cabinet structure makes the back plate directly contacts the wall, easily lead to the back of the plate due to moisture and mildew deformation of the case, in addition to directly seal the nail plate after the kitchen cabinet Lifting can only be fixed with iron triangle hanging code with the wall fixed, open the door directly after seeing the iron triangle at the corner of the cabinet and the bolt coming straight out, for a long time will be rusty, and second, not beautiful.

4. The rear body is of the plug-in board type structure, but the keel behind the back body plate is connected with the wall by the upper and lower straps. This method is better than the lifting method in the front, which not only avoids the external exposure of the iron triangle, but also makes the interior of the kitchen cabinet tidy Pretty.

5. The connection mode of the side panel of the hanging kitchen cabinet to the top and the bottom panel: The standard connection should be the connection method of the wooden rod and the three-in-one connector. The three-in-one connector plays the role of the locking connection, and the wooden rod is not only The firmness of the top bottom plate and the side plate plays a role in positioning.

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