Kitchen Cabinet Material

- Apr 10, 2018 -

Kitchen Cabinet material

1. Solid Wood

Made with solid wood kitchen cabinet doors, for classic style, usually priced higher. Frame solid wood, in Cerise, Yako mahogany-colored, Oak


2. Plastic

Plastic substrate for MDF, surface formed by the vacuum or use a seamless PVC film forming process. Plastic door color, wood grain, real, monochromatic color pure no crack is not deformed, resistance, heat resistant, fade resistant, are the most mature of Cabinet material.



3. Melamine Faced Chipboard Panels

Melamine door finishes in Germany represented by the home plate, with smooth surface, easy deformation brightly-colored, advantages of corrosion resistant and affordable


4. Metal Texture

Sticker on its structure for MDF with a special treatment, grinding and fine wire drawing, forming tight protective layer on the surface of the metal plate, this material has excellent wear resistance, high temperature corrosion resistance. Daily single-textured, easy to clean, long life.


5. Paint

Paint the plywood base material is MDF, six spray baking surface after imported high temperature baking paint into the paint stating a process currently used for wardrobes, namely spray paint after the heating oven dried coated substrate panels.


6. Waterproof Resin Plate

Mirror resin Board is still currently in the Cabinet, painted door panel its properties were about, which is stylish, colorful, waterproof and good. But not wearable, easy to scratch, and temperature resistance are not very good.


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