Kitchen Cabinet Layout Considerations

- May 25, 2018 -

Kitchen Cabinet Layout Considerations

1. A range of hoods and stoves should not cling to the side walls as much as possible to prevent the pan from colliding with the walls.

2. The side of the kitchen cabinet must consider the external protrusion of the door line on the side of the wall to avoid affecting the opening and closing of the door, drawer and basket.

3. between the sink and the stove to leave enough space to use more than 800 is appropriate, but not too far away, making the operation back and forth. Of course, it depends on the specific space situation.

4. pay attention to the reasonable allocation of accessories, although the variety of accessories kitchen cabinets, but suitable for each kitchen accessories and different, to achieve easy to use, functional and can be.

5. the junction of the mesa corner must have a reasonable area, to avoid the impact of force caused by the fracture.

6. Pay attention to the reserved position of the socket. The socket between the countertop and the hanging kitchen cabinet should be far away from the position of the sink. The outlet of the refrigerator should be set on the side or upper side of the front wall as well as the kitchen cabinet, microwave oven, and range hood. Disinfecting kitchen cabinets. Oven and so on.

7. the location of the water inlet and outlet, the water pipe is best not less than 400mm, easy to connect the faucet and kitchen treasure, etc., the height of the sewer pipe is best not to exceed 100mm or not less than 200mm, so that when the kitchen cabinet is installed, the kitchen cabinet The moving saw is reduced to a minimum. Because the bottom of the kitchen cabinet has adjustment feet, the position of the bottom plate is generally between 100mm and 140mm.

8. The rectification of gas pipelines needs to be coordinated with the gas company. It is advisable to align the gas outlet pipes with the intake manifolds so as to reduce the area of the pipe-packing plates of the pipes on the countertops so as to enlarge the use area of the countertops. Do a good job of rectifying the gas pipeline in advance to facilitate the opening of the kitchen cabinet.

9. there are two ways to install the smoke machine pipe: First, before laying the brick ceiling, it is best to preset the hood pipe inside the ceiling and seal the edge, calculate the outlet position of the hood hanging, and second, Placed in the lower part of the ceiling, after the installation of the wall kitchen cabinet, it shall be covered with a capping plate. The premise of adopting this form is that the air channel should not exceed 300mm from the front wall.

10. the standard size of kitchen cabinets, wall kitchen cabinet height 700 deep 320, 800 high kitchen cabinet 600 deep, between the kitchen cabinet to hang 700, this standard can only be said that the kitchen cabinet company calculated the price of reference, not for the needs of customers and the kitchen In specific situations, the work to be done is to provide their own ideas and feelings to customers for reference, and to promptly correct unrealistic ideas made by customers because they are unprofessional and avoid unnecessary troubles.

11. the placement of the refrigerator, depending on the convenience and reasonableness, can not give a feeling of blocking, generally placed in the corner of the kitchen, if the location of the kitchen because of the corner pipe, is not suitable for placement, the restaurant can also be placed, the principle Yes: corners are placed, convenient opening and closing! There is a way to be embedded in the high kitchen cabinet inside the kitchen cabinet, but it must be a dedicated refrigerator. In addition, the placement of the refrigerator must consider the cooling method, if it is after cooling, close to the side There is no problem with the wall, and now most of the market is on both sides of the heat, so the side of the refrigerator must be set aside to extend the life of the refrigerator!

12. the height of the basin kitchen cabinet cooker kitchen cabinets and bathroom ware kitchen cabinets: In general, cooker kitchen cabinets and bathroom ware kitchen cabinets should not exceed 800, kitchen dishes can be designed between 800-900.

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