Kitchen Cabinet Knowledge----Support Rod

- Jan 24, 2019 -

Kitchen Cabinet Knowledge----Support Rod

Kitchen cabinet support rod

The kitchen cabinet support rod (also known as the door stay, gas support) is an important hardware gold for the modern whole kitchen cabinet, mainly supporting, buffering, braking and angle adjustment in the kitchen cabinet.


Pneumatic vertical upturn support, when the door panel is opened to about 10cm, the door panel will automatically rise vertically, so that the space inside the kitchen cabinet can be maximized, and the door can be closed gently when it is closed, without impact force and noise.

The folding up kitchen cabinet support is that when the door is raised, the two doors can be folded and supported to save space and be firmer when the door is closed. The shelves can also be placed in the kitchen cabinet to accommodate different volumes of items.

The hydraulic vertical upturn kitchen cabinet support and the pneumatic vertical upturn support are different in the power of opening and braking of the control kitchen cabinet door. The angle of the door opening of the slanting upturn support is 60°, and the kitchen cabinet door panel and the top panel can be connected without hinges or hinges.


1. Choosing a brand: At present, most of the domestic gas props can only reach 10,000 to 20,000 times, and the number of imported gas supports is about 50,000. The price of imported products is only 20 to 30 yuan more than that of domestic products. (But some kitchen cabinet stores will exaggerate the price, even a set of one hundred yuan)

2. Inspection port: For example, the air pressure kitchen cabinet support rod must check the color of the paint at the end of the cylinder, the degree of smoothness, the degree of welding of the metal lifting lugs, the appearance and the smoothness of the paint. Because the lifting lugs are an important part of connecting the kitchen cabinet door, it also plays a key position in carrying gravity in the obvious position.

3. Look at the pole: Check if there is a pit on the surface of the support rod. Because of the pit and scratch problem, the sealing device inside the cylinder will be damaged when it is used, so that the support will leak after a period of use, causing no pressure and cannot be used.


1. In order to prevent the corrosion of the support rod, the opening and closing of the kitchen cabinet door is not smooth. It is necessary to avoid the water stain of the support rod or the oil smoke, and regularly lubricate the oil.

2, the support rod is an advanced accessory, the internal parts are relatively complex, so you need to be careful. Once the pneumatic (hydraulic) device is damaged, it will malfunction. Therefore, it should be avoided to hang heavy objects, pull or bump on the kitchen cabinet support rod.

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