Kitchen Cabinet Knowledge----Sink&Faucet

- Jan 28, 2019 -

Kitchen Cabinet Knowledge----Sink&Faucet

Sink, faucet of kitchen cabinet

The kitchen is exposed to dirt and water stains most frequently, and most directly affects the food safety of people, not sinks and faucets. The cleaning and draining functions must be absolutely optimized.


Although the material of the kitchen cabinet sink is steel enamel, ceramic, artificial stone, acrylic, crystal stone, cast iron enamel, considering that stainless steel is easy to clean, corrosion resistant, high temperature resistant, moisture resistant, very suitable for the kitchen working environment, so the stainless steel kitchen cabinet sink is still the current The most popular sink option.

According to the style, the kitchen cabinet sink is divided into single basin, double basin, large and small kitchen cabinet sink, shaped double basin, etc. Combined with the cleaning nature in the kitchen, the double basin is the mainstream, and there is also a preference for large single basin because it is convenient to wash the pot.

Kitchen cabinet faucets are divided into stainless steel, cast iron, all-plastic, all-copper and alloy materials according to materials. The mainstream is stainless steel and copper, which is relatively durable and environmentally friendly.

Sink purchase

1, the kitchen cabinet sink material thickness should be moderate, too thin will affect the life and strength of the kitchen cabinet sink, too thick and easy to damage the washed tableware. Also look at the flatness of the stainless steel surface, such as unevenness, indicating poor quality.

2, the general cleaning volume of the sink is good, the depth is about 20 cm, so as to prevent splashing.

3, the surface treatment of the sink is matt beautiful and practical, the welding of the kitchen cabinet sink should be carefully observed, the weld must be even and even, no rust, with an overflow as well.

4, the simpler the shape of the basin, the more difficult it is to easily collect water, the easier it is to take care of.

Lead purchase

1. Look at the appearance: The high-quality kitchen cabinet faucet should be processed finely, the mirror surface is flat, and the matte surface is even.

2, test switch: compare cheaper and expensive, smoothness will feel it.

3, identification: the big factory brand LOGO will be directly engraved on the surface, the sticker label is generally a small factory.

Maintenance: Both can be kept dry and clean. Long-term accumulation of water and residual washing liquid can easily affect the appearance life.

Although the hardware accessories are small, the switch kitchen cabinet door and the sliding drawer are not easy to handle, which directly affects the mood and effect of the use. These feelings are determined by the quality of the hardware accessories. Moreover, they affect the key factors of the use effect and service life of the kitchen cabinet, because the installation and removal have certain destructive effect on the kitchen cabinet, so here is a special reminder to pay attention to the purchase of kitchen cabinet hardware.

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