Kitchen Cabinet Knowledge----Pull Basket

- Jan 25, 2019 -

Kitchen Cabinet Knowledge----Pull Basket

Kitchen cabinet pull basket

The kitchen cabinet basket can provide a large storage space for the kitchen cabinet, effectively handling the storage problems of the kitchen utensils, so that various items and utensils can be obtained. In addition, according to their own habits, the kitchen owner puts the kitchen utensils and tableware in the basket pull basket, and puts the cooking items such as seasoning bottles, cans, boxes, cutting boards, knives, oil pots into the multi-function basket, which is greatly Improve the cooking process.


The kitchen cabinets are different in form, and the storage space of the kitchen cabinets is also different. The baskets have evolved into different types. The “Drawer Separation” kitchen cabinet basket is used to separate objects in the drawer so that they are in place; the kitchen cabinet space under the sink is large, because there is a pipe, it is not convenient to put the shelf, and the “concave drawer basket” can achieve orderly discharge. And the use of open space; when the inside of the kitchen cabinet is not easy to remove, the use of "four-sided basket" can easily solve the problem; and "season basket" can order spices or kitchen utensils in order, making cooking more convenient; there is also a chic The "corner kitchen cabinet basket" has gradually emerged with the development of kitchen cabinet design.

Due to the different materials, the basket can be divided into iron chrome-plated kitchen cabinet baskets, stainless steel kitchen cabinet baskets and aluminum kitchen cabinet baskets. Even if it is expensive, you must buy a 304 stainless steel basket.


1, look at the appearance: first look at the appearance of the tidy and not messy, the four corners are chamfered, the basket is placed horizontally on the ground to be balanced, the bottom material should be evenly arranged, the surface of the hand touch no burrs without pitting.

2, look at the gloss: If the plating treatment, it should be bright and full, beautiful appearance. If electropolishing surface treatment is used, the surface should be in the original color of stainless steel, and there should be no obvious scratches and scratches.

3, look at the solder joints: solder joints can not be too large, too large ugly, and mostly for weak soldering, not firm, should be slightly smaller than the size of the two materials themselves, the welding points of the kitchen cabinet basket produced by large companies are welding There is generally no soldering iron.

4, look at the slide rail: the slide rail is the most important in the full kitchen cabinet basket. The selection of the slide rails should pay attention to the bearing capacity, the material is thicker, the smoothness is high, the occlusion is high, and the noise is small. Choose fasteners, preferably stainless steel.

Maintenance: Tighten the bottle of oil, salt and vinegar as much as possible. It is not advisable to push and pull to the side. It is easier to hide the dirt at the intersection of the iron bars. It should be cleaned in time to avoid corrosion and bacterial growth. When cleaning, try not to rub with hard objects such as steel balls, and do not use acidic detergent.

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