Kitchen Cabinet Knowledge----Hardware Accessories

- Jan 22, 2019 -

Kitchen cabinet Knowledge----Hardware Accessories

kitchen cabinet hardware accessories have hinges, slide rails, etc., support rods, drawers, pull baskets, gas bracing, handles, bowl baskets, seasoning baskets, etc. Most of the accessories are calculated according to the pieces, we buy according to demand Just pay attention to the price and quality.

kitchen cabinet hinge

Hinge (also called hinge) is essential in the design of kitchen cabinets. Because the kitchen cabinet hardware is connected to the door panel and the side panel of the kitchen cabinet, the hinge is frequently opened and closed, whether it is smooth, whether it is quiet, and whether the weight bearing lasts directly affects the practical efficiency of the kitchen cabinet.

Damping kitchen cabinet hinges are more common due to the smoothness of opening and closing and the effectiveness of sound elimination. According to the angle of opening the door, the 90 degree hinge is the most common (also 120 degrees, 150 degrees, 170 degrees, flexible use according to the kitchen design.) Straight arm, small curved arm, big curved arm dumpling chain respectively correspond to "full cover", "half cover" and There are three ways of "hiding".


1. Take a few hinges to see if the kitchen cabinet hinge looks almost the same. The poor hinge surface is unstable, the plating layer is thin and not smooth, and it is easy to rust.

2, holding the kitchen cabinet hinge of the iron cup, slowly close the hinge like a closed door, remember to be slow, if you feel that the hinge is very smooth, no obstacles, even try a few are very smooth, then this hinge product preliminary It is qualified.

3. Look at the force of the kitchen cabinet hinge of the on-site model. If it is easy to sink and it is serious, there may be bilateral asymmetry in the future.

4. Use a screwdriver to test the adjustment screw of the kitchen cabinet hinge and the fastening screw of the kitchen cabinet hinge at the end of the hinge. The details reflect the strength of the manufacturer.

Care: Wipe gently with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use acidic cleaners. Black spots can be wiped with a little kerosene. If you feel that there is sound at the beginning of the use, you can add some lubricant maintenance.

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