Kitchen Cabinet Knowledge----Countertop

- Jan 19, 2019 -

Kitchen cabinet knowledge----Countertop

Kitchen cabinets are generally composed of countertops, kitchen cabinets, door panels, and accessory hardware. Purchase must be clear about all the kit prices to budget, or over 20% over minutes. Ask how long the manufacturer has a warranty period, the scope of after-sales service, the choice will be more assured.

1 Kitchen cabinets countertop

Natural stone kitchen cabinet countertops: divided into granite kitchen cabinet countertops and marble kitchen cabinet countertops

Advantages, high hardness, good wear resistance, scratches are not obvious, affordable

Disadvantages, there are seams, the overall is not beautiful enough.

Acrylic kitchen cabinet countertop: Its main component is about 65% of acrylic resin, aluminum hydroxide and granules, and some additives.

Advantages: acid and no gaps.

Disadvantages: easy to scratch, not high temperature (90 degrees to 120 degrees), not resistant to dirt.

Quartz stone kitchen cabinet countertop: It belongs to artificial stone and has better performance.

Advantages: wear resistance, high temperature, high hardness and acid resistance.

Disadvantages: more expensive, dirty after infiltration is more difficult to handle.

Stainless steel kitchen cabinet countertops: evolved from the hotel kitchen, stainless steel directly pressed, the process has been relatively mature.

Advantages: high temperature resistance, wear resistance, easy care, durable and not old;

Disadvantages: single style, corner of the kitchen cabinet, scratching is not recoverable

Refractory board kitchen cabinet countertop: It is a medium-density or particle board as the base material, and the fire-proof board veneer with a thickness of 0.8-1.2mm is pasted with high pressure and bent to form a countertop.

Advantages: bright colors, wear resistance and high temperature resistance.

Disadvantages: poor moisture resistance, gaps in the corner stitching, and now basically eliminated.

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