Kitchen Cabinet Knowledge----Carcase And Door Panel

- Jan 21, 2019 -

Kitchen Cabinet Knowledge----Carcase and Door Panel


Ecological board kitchen cabinet carcase: The base material of the veneer is generally particle board or MDF. It is resistant to high temperature, hard texture, pressure resistance, acid and alkali resistance. If it is used as a kitchen cabinet, it is generally necessary to add green moisture-proof particles inside, which is a moisture-proof board.

Stainless steel plate kitchen cabinet carcase: stainless steel plate kitchen cabinet carcase is resistant to high temperature, acid and alkali resistant, can not be opened when there is a pipe, and the color is chilly.

Bricklaying + tiling kitchen cabinet carcase: Durable and sturdy, the price is relatively cheap, the disadvantage is that the thicker impact on the area of use.

Granite kitchen cabinet carcase: good hardness, low price, durable, the disadvantage is not beautiful enough, dark granite has a certain risk of radiation exceeding the standard.

Door panel

Generally, the edge of the kitchen cabinet door panel is made of aluminum alloy or stainless steel, and the stainless steel is more durable and more expensive. When selecting, it is important to see whether the thickness and surface technology are meticulous, and whether the details are handled can reflect the strength of the plant.

Glass kitchen cabinet door panel: A door panel made of tempered glass.

Advantages: When adding hardware accessories, it is necessary to add an ecological board for assembly, simple management, low price and high cost performance.

Disadvantages: Some styles are not too high grade.

Painted kitchen cabinet door panel: After painting, enter the oven to warm the door of the drying process.

Advantages: rich color, excellent waterproof performance, strong anti-staining ability, easy to clean, easy to scrub, moisture-proof, fireproof

Disadvantages: Easy to scratch and difficult to repair, may be stained by oil smoke.

Fireproof kitchen cabinet board: The standard name is called refractory board. The fireproof board is made of fireproof board, and the particle board is used as base material (also useful for MDF). Similar to the ecological board, the difference lies in the veneer.

Advantages: wear resistance, high temperature resistance, scratch resistance, penetration resistance, easy cleaning, clear and transparent pattern, realistic effect, strong stereoscopic effect, no color difference, smooth surface.

Disadvantages: more afraid of moisture.

Eco-board kitchen cabinet door panel: The color paper impregnated with melamine is attached to the surface of the substrate after high temperature and high pressure. Also called double veneer, paint free board, MFC, melamine board veneer board, melamine veneer. Ecological boards that make kitchen cabinets generally have to be green moisture-proof.

Advantages: Similar to fireproof board, it has the properties of anti-friction, impact resistance, high temperature resistance, heat-resistant acid hot alkali and so on. The refractory board has various natural colors and textures, which are economical and have good senses.

Disadvantages: There is no three-dimensional shape, only metal edge banding, aluminum alloy trough pull to increase its decorative.

Solid wood kitchen cabinet door panel

Advantages: The texture feels good, and the normal use is always new.

Disadvantages: dry and wet alternately easy to crack.

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