Kitchen Cabinet Installation Steps

- May 11, 2018 -

Kitchen Cabinet Installation Steps

1. water and electricity layout

(1) The socket height should be as uniform as possible. Do not have too many height dimensions.

(2) The size of the wall should be an integer as much as possible to facilitate the pre-buried measurement.

(3) Dimensions shall be measured from the fixed wall as far as possible, and shall not be counted from the surface where the actual size will change, such as a pipe well.

(4) It is necessary to supplement the description with the text that is difficult to clearly identify. When encountering a special brand of special electrical appliances, it is required to conduct a specific study before the installation of water and electricity.

2. upper and lower water layout

(1) Sheung Shui angle valve: located in the sink kitchen cabinet centered, hot and cold water angle valve spacing 150, height 600.

(2) Sewer pipeline: The groundwater drainage location is in the middle of the hot and cold water angle valve. The wall drainage requires that the outlet pipeline should not exceed 300 in height and be embedded in the wall as far as possible.

(3) Dishwashers, washing machines, etc. The upper and lower water and sockets are reserved in the sink kitchen cabinet. The position is 150 near the side panel of the kitchen cabinet side of the equipment, and the height is the same as the sink water. Pipes must pass through the device when they are placed.

(4) The refrigerator with ice making function needs to set a water outlet near the refrigerator with a height of 600.

(5) Nakajima water is placed in the sink kitchen cabinet of Nakajima, 200 meters from the back kitchen cabinet of the sink kitchen cabinet.

3. sockets (height is the height of the bottom outlet of the socket)

(1) The height of the spare socket on the table is 1100.

(2) The height of the oven socket 700 is set in the middle position behind the oven; the socket of the oven must be marked with 16A, 4 square lines.

(3) For appliances with power above 2000w, the corresponding outlets must be marked with 16A and 4 square lines.

(4) Reserve sockets need to be reserved in sink kitchen cabinets, height 600. If you configure a crusher without an air switch, you need to set aside a control switch on the wall.

(5) Disinfection kitchen cabinet socket height 600, set in the middle behind the disinfection kitchen cabinet.

(6) Imported gas stoves and some home-made gas stoves require row outlets. The height is set according to the equipment below the gas stove. If it is a drawer kitchen cabinet or the height of the oven is 700, the height of the door kitchen cabinet or disinfecting kitchen cabinet is 600. If it is a domino stove, each piece of stove should be arranged in a socket.

(7) The height of the microwave oven socket of the hanging kitchen cabinet is 100 in the top panel of the microwave oven, and the height of the socket of the 1380 in the lower kitchen cabinet of the hanging kitchen cabinet is basically 1900.

(8) The height of the hood is 2200. If there are special circumstances, it can be set in the ceiling.

(9) The external refrigerator socket is set behind the refrigerator, and the height is 600; the embedded refrigerator socket is set above the refrigerator kitchen cabinet, and the height is reserved according to the door panel space of the refrigerator kitchen cabinet. If there is no space above, it is set in the kitchen cabinet of the refrigerator kitchen cabinet. The height is based on the kitchen cabinet layout.

(10) The equipment socket of the base kitchen cabinet shall be placed in the central position of the base kitchen cabinet. After the kitchen cabinet is installed, it shall be connected to the kitchen cabinet body. The hood of the smoke machine is placed in the ceiling. At the same time, it is required to mark the requirements for installing a fixed bracket above the ceiling for the installation of the hood.

(11) If the difference between the depth of the built-in appliance and the depth of the kitchen cabinet is more than 100, the socket is set behind the electrical equipment, and the socket of less than 100 is set in the adjacent kitchen cabinet body, and shall not be set behind the drawer kitchen cabinet.

4. gas pipelines, flue tubes, light lines, etc.

(1) Gas valve: If the gas stove is under the door opener or drawer kitchen cabinet, then it is placed on the height 650 inside the kitchen cabinet. If the gas stove is under the equipment, try to place it in the kitchen cabinet next to the gas stove inlet valve. The arrangement of the next kitchen cabinet, such as the sauce basket, height 650, at the same time from the device kitchen cabinet 150, if it is a kitchen cabinet with a width of less than 200 then skip the kitchen cabinet, placed in the kitchen cabinet next door, the gas pipe should be against the wall Or stick to it.

(2) One gas stove is equipped with a valve, and a domino stove requires multiple valves.

(3) Pre-embedded exhaust hoses in the ceiling, and drag it to the vicinity of the installation opening of the hood.

(4) The lamp line is centered behind the kitchen cabinet where the lamp is installed. The general height behind the base kitchen cabinet is 600 and the general height behind the kitchen cabinet is 1900.

(5) If the lamp itself does not have a switch, switch circuit control needs to be reserved. The light switch in the kitchen cabinet can be set at the main switch of the door. The light switch of the kitchen cabinet is set near the wall under the light and can be side by side with the spare socket on the wall.

(6) Shelf light lines are reserved behind the shelves; the kickboard light lines are pre-buried on the ground, 300 from the wall.

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