Kitchen Cabinets Installation Process(1)

- Jan 17, 2019 -

Kitchen Cabinet Installation Process

1. Arrival preparation stage

▲Step 1 Preparation: kitchen cabinet installation can be done after the kitchen wall and floor tiles are laid and the kitchen ceiling is completed. The whole kitchen cabinet generally needs 15~30 days custom cycle, and it takes 1 day to install the door. It is usually installed on the same day as the hood.

▲Step 2 Clean up and materials entering the site: Make protective measures for the kitchen, hang the cloth, kitchen wall, etc. for simple cleaning, in order to accurately measure the ground level, and at the same time enter the field.

▲Step 3 Install and adjust the kitchen cabinet: Unify the kitchen cabinets, move them into the kitchen, and place them in the order of the drawings. According to the construction specifications, in many cases, they should be placed upside down, and then the feet should be installed uniformly. The floor is covered with a protective material, and the cutting mouth is operated from the reverse side according to the size of the object, so as to ensure that the front side of the kitchen cabinet does not collapse.

▲Step 4 Level adjustment: Adjust the level of the kitchen cabinet through the adjustment legs of the kitchen cabinet, and the error is plus or minus 1mm. If there is a corner kitchen cabinet, the corner kitchen cabinet should be installed first. No corner kitchen cabinet should be installed from the kitchen cabinet against the wall.

2. Main installation stage

▲Step 5: Install the wall kitchen cabinet: Determine the distribution position of the wires and pipes in the wall, and adjust the height of the wall kitchen cabinet according to the height of the user. Draw a horizontal line. The distance between the horizontal line and the table surface is 650mm. You can use the height according to your height. The foreman proposed the adjustment of the distance between the kitchen cabinet and the kitchen cabinet to facilitate future use.

▲ Step 6 Fixed wall kitchen cabinet: The wall kitchen cabinet and wall surface are firmly installed. There is no less than 2 fixed hanging code per 900mm to meet the load bearing requirements. At the same time, the installation of the hanging code, for example, the positioning of the line, in turn, the eye hooks are fixed on the wall surface, and then the hanging kitchen cabinets are sequentially hung in order.

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