Kitchen Cabinet Installation Precautions

- Dec 18, 2018 -

Kitchen Cabinet Installation Precautions

It needs to be very careful when decorating. There are many things to be aware of, especially for the decoration of the kitchen. If the kitchen is not well decorated, it may cause some minor problems during cooking and affect people's mood for cooking. Therefore, the kitchen is installed. The kitchen cabinet should be very careful. 、kitchen cabinet installation precautions are also very important to create a perfect kitchen for you.

First, the installation of the kitchen cabinet

The installation of the kitchen cabinet should pay attention to the level of the ground. Before installation, the kitchen must be cleaned to keep the floor clean and clean, so that the ground level can be accurately measured and the kitchen cabinet can be adjusted better.

Second, the installation of the kitchen cabinet

The installation of the wall kitchen cabinet is to ensure the level of the expansion bolts. First draw a horizontal line on the wall to adjust the position of the expansion bolt to ensure the level of the expansion bolt. Note that the horizontal line on the wall is generally about 650 mm away from the table. The decorator can also make adjustments according to the individual's height for future use.

Third, the installation of the countertop

The countertops must be installed after the kitchen cabinets and kitchen cabinets are installed, which will make the countertops more accurate. One problem that needs to be paid attention to when installing the countertop is the grinding and polishing of the countertop. Because of the dust and taste that is easy to appear in this section, it will affect the hygienic safety of the kitchen and it is difficult to remove. Therefore, it is recommended to ventilate this part in the open air. At the place.

Fourth, the hardware installation

Small hardware accessories play a big role in kitchen decoration, so the installation of it is also a key point in the kitchen cabinet installation precautions. When installing some necessary hardware for kitchens such as basins, faucets, and baskets, in order to avoid the debris of the wooden materials used in the decoration falling into the basket track, cover the basket with some coverings, which will facilitate the future. usage of.

Fifth, the installation of stove appliances

The installation of electrical appliances should pay attention to the power supply holes should not be made too small, otherwise it will be more troublesome to repair afterwards. In addition, the water meter and gas meter in the kitchen should not be wrapped up, and it is also inconvenient for future maintenance.

Sixth, adjust the kitchen cabinet door

After installing the cooker appliance, don't think that the kitchen cabinet installation has been completed. At this time, the last task is to adjust the door panel to ensure that the door gap is even and horizontal.

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