Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Maintenance

- Sep 03, 2018 -

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Maintenance

Overall kitchen cabinet hardware daily maintenance strategy

First: the hinge is the heart of the kitchen cabinet

If you haven't listened to the door for a long time, you are always not strict. At this time, are you crazy? It is time to warn you to protect the "heart". The kitchen cabinet hinge is the connection point between the kitchen cabinet and the kitchen cabinet door, and the frequency of use is the highest, so the quality of the kitchen cabinet hinge is the most important to ignore.

Hinge maintenance

1. Wipe gently with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use an acidic cleaner. Black spots can be wiped with a little kerosene.

2. Warning signal: Use the sound at the beginning, you can add some lubricant maintenance.

Second: the slide is the kidney

When you are in a hurry to get something, the things in the drawer are heavy and heavy, and the drawers are opened and tortured. At this time, you have to repair the "kidney". Want to cook a good meal, the kitchen cabinet drawer is smooth and easy to pull all the support of the rail.

Rail maintenance

1. Like the kitchen cabinet hinge, it is not advisable to use an acid-containing detergent for the slide rails, and there is an audible signal to add some lubricant;

2. Don't put too heavy things. Once the kitchen cabinet drawer is found to be loose, the screws should be tightened in time. Although the kitchen cabinet slide rails have a suitable lateral torque, try not to pull the kitchen cabinet drawer laterally to avoid rail bending and internal pulley wear.

The third step: pull the kitchen cabinet basket

Pots and pans, bottles and jars are often used to get messy, and this kind of trouble can only be solved by pulling the basket.

Pull basket maintenance

1. Tighten the bottle of oil, salt, vinegar and so on as much as possible. It is not suitable to push and pull to the side.

2. At the intersection of the iron baskets, it is easy to hide dirt, clean in time to avoid corrosion and bacteria growth; when cleaning, try not to rub with hard objects such as steel balls, and avoid acidic cleaners.

Forth: The kitchen cabinet handle is the key

Imagine that the kitchen cabinet handle of the door is lost. You can only pull your finger into the gap of the door and pull the door open. The finger is too big and too thick to enter, and it can only be unsightly and inconvenient. Although the handle is inconspicuous, the effect is not small.

Since the handle is often pulled, it is easy to loosen after a long time. Check the tightness of the screws regularly. If the screws are dropped, replace them with new ones.

Fifth: the kitchen cabinet sink

To make a meal is the most preparatory work. Every day, you need to use the kitchen cabinet sink to wash meat, wash vegetables and wash dishes. However, it is not easy to maintain. It has been stained with water stains and water spots for a long time, and it is easy to change color.

The kitchen cabinets Sink maintenance

1. Wash with a neutral detergent, gently scrub, dry with a sponge or a rag to avoid depositing scale;

2. The surface gradually changes color and can be wiped with stainless steel brightener or talcum powder.

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