Kitchen Cabinet Design Principles

- May 30, 2018 -

Kitchen Cabinet Design Principles

The purpose of kitchen cabinets design is to serve people. It is to use the achievements and aesthetics of modern science and technology to create a special product that people need in life, work and social activities. As an industrial product and commodity, kitchen furniture should follow the aesthetic function of the environment that meets the needs of people's continuous development of working methods and lifestyles. Its design self-taught follows the following principles:

1. The principle of practicality:

The design of kitchen cabinet is based on practicality and reasonableness. The realization of practicality must ensure sufficient space for operation. In the kitchen, there must be washing and cutting foods, shelving utensils, and cooked food turnover places, and there must be places for storing cooking utensils and condiments to ensure basic operating space. At the same time, there should also be ample storage space. In general, kitchens use modular kitchen cabinets to rationally use all the space for storing items. The most important thing is that there should be sufficient space for activities, a reasonable spatial layout, and the use of a "triangular" design relationship to accommodate the most appropriate distance to save time and manpower. :

2. Economic principles:

Economical, as the name implies, refers to the design of kitchen cabinet furniture suitable for the price, suitable for people's purchasing power. In order to achieve the requirements of low price and high quality, the designed kitchen cabinets, besides being convenient for mechanization and automatic production, should be rationally used. Under the premise of satisfying strength and aesthetics, we try to optimize the specifications and sizes of the kitchen cabinet furniture. Programs and other means to save materials and reduce costs. :

3. Technological principle:

The design of kitchen cabinet furniture must be craftsmanship, so that it is simple to avoid complications, that is, the body is simple and the structure is simple. Reasonable design facilitates professionalization, standardization, serialization, and industrialization of kitchen cabinet furniture throughout the entire production process. :

4. Ergonomic principles:

The principle of ergonomics is to use the principles of human ergonomics to guide the design of kitchen cabinet furniture. When determining the color of the human body and kitchen cabinet furniture and furniture, it should be performed according to the human body size, curvilinearity, and various physiological characteristics of the human being, and perform different treatments according to the nature of the use function. The ultimate goal is to avoid fatigue, accidents, stress, ecological damage and various tangible losses caused by improper design. :

5. Comprehensive concept principle:

Comprehensive ideas, that is, applying a variety of thinking design principles and methods to conceive. Kitchen furniture is a complex of physical and mental functions. Can not simply use a single rule to deal with the kitchen cabinet furniture, that is, the composition of the rules of the form. The laws of multiple ways of thinking when dealing with the shape of kitchen cabinet furniture not only conform to the laws of art modeling and science and technology, but also take into account the style and characteristics of the styling, as well as the materials, structures, equipment and processing techniques, as well as the production efficiency and economy. benefit. Therefore, the issues of design elements such as the shape and function of kitchen cabinet furniture should follow the principle of comprehensive design. :

6. Humane design principles:

Humanized design is based on meeting the material requirements of people and emphasizes the design of spiritual communication. The humanized design of kitchen cabinets refers to the person's nature or essential characteristics. It is the demand for truth, goodness, beauty, novelty, but love, self-realization. The humanized design of kitchen cabinets focuses on integrating with people, harmonizing with the environment, and harmonizing with surrounding colors. The design uses certain material means and colors to reveal and render certain emotions and emotions, to show self-style, and to make people fully feel the humanistic value of kitchen cabinet furniture in terms of modeling, materials, and colors. :

7. Innovative principles:

Innovation is one of the design principles. Successful design lies in innovation. The design process is also the process of reproducing innovation. The expansion of new functions of kitchen furniture, new forms of ideas, new materials, new structures, and new technologies are all processes that designers apply through innovative thinking and innovative techniques. :

8. The principle of fashion:

The principle of fashion is to require that the designed product embodies the characteristics of the era and requires designers to regularly and timely launch marketable kitchen cabinet furniture products to meet market demand. To successfully apply the principle of fashion, we must pay attention to, understand, and study the laws and theories about fashion. :

9. Green Design Principles:

Kitchen cabinet furniture is made of different material materials. Because of the best pleasantness of wood, the visual effect of natural materials and easy molding, it is the best kitchen cabinet manufacturing material. When using the product, we must use the concept of green as a product design guideline, and follow the “3R” and “3E” principles that have been recognized by the international design community in order to reduce the loss of wood, especially precious wood. :

In the process of new product development, we must not only see the relationships and interactions between all the components, but also see the relationship and role between them and the environment, and put people, things, products, environment, society and other elements into consideration. Comprehensive treatment and coordination. At the same time, combining China's existing ethnic cultural life characteristics and national conditions, drawing on foreign innovative design concepts and techniques, through analysis, research and continuous improvement, developed a new type of kitchen cabinet furniture that is suitable for domestic life concepts and comparable to international similar products. :

In the 21st century, the space environment in which mankind depends on is undergoing tremendous changes that have attracted worldwide attention at an unprecedented rate, and this ever-changing living environment is precisely due to human needs and innovation itself. There is no limit to design, just like life is infinitely attractive.


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