Kitchen Cabinet Design Considerations

- Sep 30, 2018 -

Kitchen Cabinet Design Considerations

kitchen cabinet product classification:

At present, the kitchen cabinets can be divided into five series: solid wood door panel, fire panel door panel, plastic door panel, painted door panel, and triamine head plate.

1. Solid wood door panel: It has natural and simple effect. According to the fineness of workmanship and paint, the price can be distinguished. The core board of the most advanced solid wood door panel is the inserting board structure of wood-based panel veneer. The degree of deformation of the door panel is minimized.

2, fire board door panel: At present, it is the mainstream material of the whole kitchen cabinet. The base material is generally particle board and medium density board. The fireproof board is attached to the inner and outer surfaces. The general fireproof board kitchen cabinet is more suitable for the general appearance of the kitchen cabinet, and the mid-range decoration pays attention to the practical function. Kitchen.

3, plastic door panel: plastic door panel is the MDF cutting and washing after molding, and then the rubber is vacuum molded with a vacuum film to suppress the molding, because the selected substrate and PVC film are different, the quality is very different. A good plastic plate is drawn with a nail, and there is no obvious trace, and the door panel is not easily deformed. All materials of the plastic door panel are not easy to identify after being processed and processed, and the appearance is not visible. The quality can only be observed by visual and hand feeling.

4. Painted door panel: The base material of the paint door is made of medium density board. The surface is painted and then baked at high temperature in the oven. It can be divided into single-sided baking and double-sided baking. The door panel kitchen cabinet made by the baking varnish process is beautiful and gorgeous, and requires careful care of the user during use.

5, trihydroamine door panels: this type of door panels are relatively cheap. Melamine refers to an impregnated paper on which the surface of a wood-based panel is pressed by a hot press. This paper is resistant to acid and cockroaches and is a good surface material. The kitchen cabinet plates for making kitchen cabinets are generally selected from 16 thick and 18 thick. In the tripolyamine plate, the door panel must be made in 18 thick to avoid damage to the door panel caused by excessive thinning of the surface of the hinge hole.

The structure of the kitchen cabinet:

1. Side panel clamp floor structure of the kitchen cabinet: The adjustment feet installed in this kitchen cabinet must be fixed under the side panel of the kitchen cabinet, otherwise it will cause great hidden danger to the user in future use.

2, the skirt and the kitchen cabinet fixed connection: the normal kitchen cabinet skirt is a detachable card-type structure, even if damaged by water soaking, replacing a skirt can solve the problem, not to hurt the kitchen cabinet.

3. Directly sealing the back body board: no matter whether the wall is tiling or not, the kitchen cabinet structure makes the back board directly contact the wall, which is easy to cause the back body board to be moldy and deformed due to damp, and directly seal the back panel of the kitchen cabinet. The hoisting can only be fixed with the iron tube with the lifting triangle and the wall. After opening the door, you can directly see the iron triangle at the corner of the hanging kitchen cabinet and the bolts that come straight out. It will be rusted after a long time, and the second is not beautiful.

4. The back body board is a plug-in type structure, but the back and rear straps are used to make the keel fixed to the wall with the upper and lower straps: this method is better than the previous lifting method, which avoids the external exposure of the iron triangle and makes the interior of the kitchen cabinet clean and tidy. Pretty.

5. Connection method between the side panel of the hanging kitchen cabinet and the top floor: the standard connection should be the connection method of the wooden rod and the three-in-one connector, and the three-in-one connector plays the role of locking the connection, and the wooden rod is It plays the firmness of the top and side panels and also plays a role in positioning.

Several issues to be aware of in kitchen cabinet design:

First, the normal kitchen cabinet ordering process:

1. Before the decoration workers enter the market, measure the scale first, according to the specific conditions of the kitchen and the dimensions of the refrigerator, microwave oven, sink, range hood, kitchen treasure and other electrical products.

2. According to the coordination with the decoration personnel and put forward the rectification opinions of water, gas, smoke, pipe, etc., mark the flue. The sockets of various electrical appliances and the drawings of the reserved positions of the water and the water are proposed to modify the views, so that the kitchen cabinet shape and the like can be better. Meet the wishes of the customer.

3. According to these plans, after the wiring is changed to water and tiling, the third time to the site, the actual axis side drawings are made, and the contract payment is made. The construction period is generally 20-30 days for delivery.

4. After the kitchen cabinet is installed, measure the countertop of the kitchen cabinet, which can ensure the reasonableness of the size, and also allows you to have sufficient time to choose the matching color of the countertop.

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