Kitchen Cabinet Countertop

- Jan 29, 2019 -

Kitchen Cabinet Countertop

In daily home life, the maintenance of furniture is very important. How long it takes to buy a new kitchen cabinet in a new home, which is linked to the maintenance of the countertops and hardware accessories of the kitchen cabinet. In daily life, the use of kitchen cabinet countertops and hardware accessories is the highest proportion in our daily life. If the maintenance is not proper, it will damage the life of the kitchen cabinet and force us to replace the kitchen cabinet.

Then, how to maintain the countertops and hardware accessories on weekdays? What other behaviors will damage the kitchen cabinet? Below, let us share for you how we should operate the kitchen cabinets on weekdays.

kitchen cabinet countertop

Whether it's washing vegetables or cutting things, the countertops are a must-have for our kitchen. You don't want the place where you cook, like a garbage dump, to cook a bunch of bacteria. Therefore, the daily cleaning and maintenance of the kitchen cabinet countertop is extremely important.

1 routine maintenance


1. After the kitchen cabinet quartz stone countertop is cleaned with water, soapy water or detergent, use a dry rag to clean the countertop.

2. For stains (rust, ink) that remain on the table for a long time, wipe the surface stains with a damp cloth, then apply evenly with soap or strong detergent, then wipe back and forth with a rag until the stains are removed, then rinse with water. Clean and dry.

3, stainless steel kitchen cabinet countertop material is usually cleaned with a dry soft cloth, but you must pay attention to the soft cloth must be clean, and must be wiped in the direction of the stainless steel wool, so as not to cause scratches. If you use water or detergent, you should immediately dry it with a soft cloth to avoid unnecessary water marks.


1. The kitchen cabinet countertop should be kept ventilated and dry. In order to avoid local cracking of the kitchen cabinet countertop, do not place the hot pot, iron, electric furnace and other high-temperature vessels on the kitchen cabinet counter for a long time. It is recommended to use a pot mat with good heat insulation.

2. In order to make the quartz stone kitchen cabinet countertops look like new and long-lasting, if the surface is stained with oil stains, soy sauce stains, rust and other stains, please clean them in time.

3. Appropriate use of professional products such as stainless steel activator can maintain the uniform appearance of the gloss and texture of the stainless steel kitchen cabinet countertop.

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