Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning And Maintenance Methods

- Jul 30, 2018 -

Kitchen Cabinet Cleaning and Maintenance Methods

kitchen cabinet door cleaning and maintenance

1. No soluble detergent can be used for paint door panels.

2. All benzene solvents and resin solvents should not be used as panel cleaners.

3, to avoid the water on the table surface to soak into the door panel, otherwise it will be deformed after a long time.

4. The door hinge and the handle are loose and abnormal, and should be adjusted or notified to the manufacturer for repair.

5, solid wood door panels can be cleaned and maintained with furniture water wax, crystal door panels can be rubbed with warm cloth or neutral detergent.

kitchen cabinet cleaning and maintenance

1, the carrying capacity of the upper kitchen cabinet is generally not the following kitchen cabinet, so the upper kitchen cabinet is suitable for placing light items, such as seasoning tanks and glasses, etc., the weight is best placed in the lower kitchen cabinet.

2, the utensils placed in the kitchen cabinet should be cleaned and then put in, especially pay attention to the need to dry the utensils.

3. Wipe the hardware in the kitchen cabinet with a dry cloth to avoid water marks on the surface.

kitchen cabinet countertop cleaning and maintenance

1. Artificial stone and stainless steel kitchen cabinets should not be rubbed with hard scouring pad, steel ball, chemical agent or steel brush. Use soft towel, soft scouring pad to wipe with water or use brightener, otherwise it will cause scratches. Or erosion.

2, fireproof board material kitchen cabinet can use household cleaner, wipe with nylon brush or nylon ball, then wipe with a damp cloth, and finally wipe with a dry cloth.

3, natural stone countertops should use soft scouring pad, can not be wiped with toluene detergent, otherwise it is difficult to remove white spots. When removing scale, you should not use acid detergent powder, dilute hydrochloric acid, etc., otherwise it will damage the glaze and make it lose its luster.

4. If the kitchen cabinet is original wood, first remove the dust with tweezers, then wipe with a dry cloth or a special emulsion for the maintenance of the logs. Do not use wet rags and oil cleaning products.

5. Washing basins or gas stoves should avoid knocking or impact. If the two countertops meet, avoid long-term immersion of moisture.

6, should avoid hot pot, hot water directly in contact with the kitchen cabinet, it is best to put on the pot rack.

7. In operation, try to avoid hitting the table and door with sharp objects to avoid scratches. Regardless of the choice of countertops, you should cut vegetables on the cutting board to prepare food, in addition to avoiding the presence of knife marks, but also to achieve better hygiene.

8, the surface of the general material, there are bubbles and gaps, if the colored liquid penetrates into it will cause stains or discoloration, so should avoid the dye or hair dye directly placed on the table.

9. Erosion of chemical substances is not allowed for many materials. For example, stainless steel countertops may be rusted by salt, so you should always avoid placing items such as soy sauce bottles directly on the countertop.

10, artificial panel kitchen cabinets should avoid standing on the table for a long time.

Kitchen sink cleaning and maintenance

1. When cleaning the water tank every time, remember to clean the filter box together to avoid the accumulation of grease in the long-term accumulation.

2. If grease stains accumulate in the sink pipe for a long time, it is not easy to wash. Then try to pour some kitchen detergent into the sink, then rinse with hot water, then rinse with cold water.

3. The sink of the cooking table can be used to hold the internal filter box with filaments in advance to prevent the vegetable chips and fine residue from blocking the water pipe.

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